Tea rituals and the Autumnal howl

Kicking off a series of guest blog posts from some of our favourite witchy women, Gem Tetley, chief tea mixologist at Tarn & Moon writes about the ritual of tea. Gem has a background in human health care, is a herbalist and passionate vegan cook and gardener. Having trained at Tregothnan, the UK's first tea plantation, Gem and her amazing family team supply cafes, wellness retreats and shops with Tarn & Moon's delicious magical tea blends.

So, before you read, make yourself a cuppa and snuggle in. Let us know your favourite tea rituals in the comments! Clare x

Autumn Tea Blend

Gem writes...

I started to write about hedge herbs for Autumn immunity boosting, but my phone went off for the third time and I realised something else was happening other than just the falling of the leaves and changing of the seasons.

The ladies in my life were falling too and needed help with shedding unwanted thoughts or past dramas that had taken place during spring/summer. This reminded me why I first started blending tea, to calm the strung out mamas of Yorkshire and of how much of a huge part tea plays in the everyday ritual of calming others and taking a moment for yourself.

If coffee is seen as the buzz drink, a great boost of caffeine to get you going, then tea is the hug in a mug and a clear indicator that you're taking five, which you absolutely should do every day.

Just think, if someone is hurt or sad what do you do? You stick the kettle on and make a nice cup of tea for them. You too should take that time away, whether it’s for five minutes or for an hour, to set a tea ritual for your own wellbeing. You could maybe even light a candle and some incense too, reflect on what you're grateful for or just think of nothing at all!

Autumn can be hard on people. A lot regret that they didn’t do more while the sun was out, some feel they never got that sunny rest they hoped for, most just feel the ticking of the clock counting down to dark, cold days stuck indoors. For me, I’ve learnt to look forward to the winter as it means a chance to slow down, let go and let the winter projects take over at a more sustainable pace (accompanied by lots of tea drinking by the fire of course!).

If you can, try to think of what Autumn/Winter happiness means to you and what you need to feel that shift into the darker part of the year.

With the shedding of unwanted baggage along comes the colds and illnesses too. Just like the falling leaves of the trees, our bodies like to have a good clear out. The lack of Vitamin D from the long days of summer sun and the change of diet from salads and fresh summer vegetables to carbs and comfort food, really helps that shedding to start.

Tarn&Moon Sweet Baba Yaga TeaWe need support our bodies during this shed and you can do this by boosting your immune system and microbiomes wherever is humanly possible. 80% of your immune system lives in your gastrointestinal tract, so looking after our tums is of uttermost importance, as is staying hydrated to keep all our cells plump and happy. Teas are a great way to cover this and get all those extra vitamins/nutrition boosters in. Drinking 'Pu-erh tea' (fermented tea that we use in our “Sweet Baba Yaga” blend) can help get some good gut bacteria really partying in there too!

My top recommendations for this time of year are definitely herbal teas like nettle for nourishment, ginger for warming and hibiscus and elderberry for a super boost as they are really high in Vitamin C. You can find all these magical herbs in our Tarn & Moon tea blends. 

Tarn&Moon Sweet baba yaga

Tea really can play a huge part in winter wellness, for your body, soul and mind, whether you drink herbal or black tea.

For all those feeling the need to shed, get yourself outside and howl away that built up sadness and anger into the wind like the wild wolf you are! Then come inside for a hot herbal tea and feel the balance and nutrition return to your amazing body. Tea really is a simple but very effective healer!

Love + Light, Gem

You can find Tarn&Moon on instagram and facebook and their tea blends are available to buy at www.tarnandmoon.co.uk. You can also find other amazing, organic, vegan and plant based skincare and homewares on online store and at cafes + shops around the UK.

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