Here at Bonearrow, we're obsessed with crystals. These little mystical treasures of the earth aren't just pretty, their crystalline structures of perfect 3-dimensional mathematics hold energy and are believed to vibrate at frequencies that our bodies and minds subliminally pick up.

For centuries, as far back as ancient Egypt, people have worn and carried crystals for healing and protection. You may still need a little more time to get on board, but the power of positive thought can be a healing force in itself. We believe that the process of recognising that which needs to change in yourself or your environment and selecting a stone to aid you, a talisman for your journey, is a powerful step towards making that change happen yourself.

So, to make it easy for you, not only have we encapsulated our favourite crystals into beautiful, wearable jewellery, but we've created a little gem glossary below for you to learn all about each one.  

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Amber - Warm, loving energy

Not technically a crystal, rather ancient pine tree resin that has been sea-smoothed by rushing tides for millions of years. A magical, wise treasure of the earth and the sea, Amber brings warm, gentle vitality to the immune system and lends it’s bright sunny energy to the mind, lifting depression and promoting a positive mental attitude.  


Amethyst - Balancing and healing

If you're unsure which crystal is right for you, you can't go wrong with Amethyst! Amethyst is the crystal of dreams and meditation and is a great all purpose stone, often connected with sobriety and spirituality. Amethyst will help you feel less scattered, collecting your energy and bringing serenity and calm, but also, if you need some motivation, amethyst can help you to set realistic goals and stimulate your mind when you need it. Amethyst really is an all purpose wonder stone so it's no surprise it's sometimes referred to as the 'All Healer.


Aquamarine - Tranquility and protection

This deeply protective crystal washes away fear, bad vibes and stress and brings peace and tranquility. Aquamarine is calming and soothing and inspires truth, trust and letting go. As it used to be known as ‘Mermaid Treasure’, it is a talisman good luck, fearlessness and protection, especially for those who travel over water. Whilst aiding us in discovering hidden meanings and exploring the depths of ourselves, Aquamarine helps us understand how we can be of service to the world.


Blue Chalcedony -The tranquil sea

Blue Chalcedony is a beautifully deep, almost glowing blue and is a stone of calm, serenity and peace. Like a cool, soothing ocean view, Blue Chalcedony relives stress and promotes inner peace and self care. A particularly good stone for inducing a good nights sleep (and dissipating nightmares) either placed under your pillow or in a bath before bed time. If you are feeling low or in need of emotional balance, wearing a Chalcedony can help harmonise your body and mind and bring optimism and enthusiasm. 


Blue Lace Agate - nerve calming communiaction

The communication stone. As well as being pretty, this pastel blue stone brings calm and tranquility. Helping to ease nerves as well as smooth communication, Blue Lace Agate is a great stone for public speaking and any conversations that require tact, calm and composure. Wear one next time you have a presentation to give or have to talk to someone you're avoiding and see how you feel. This crystal also aids with self-expression, acceptance and neutralises anger and aggression. 


Blue Topaz - clarity and peace

Blue Topaz brings peace and clarity to the mind and stimulates creativity and self confidence. A beautiful stone of kindness and calm, Topaz tunes in to feelings rather than knowing, being rather than doing, which makes it a perfect companion to meditate with. It’s bright, tranquil, happy energy brings confidence and joy, helping your inner light shine out into the world. Use Topaz’s positive, soothing vibes to magnify your energy and manifest your wishes and use its wisdom to see your own truth and highest path.


Carnelian - Strength, courage and confidence

One of my most reached for stones whenever I need a burst of energy, Carnelian is a stone of self confidence, motivation and courage and is a talisman for prosperity and good fortune. If ever you need a boost of vitality or a strengthening hand to hold, Carnelian is there for you - your cheerleader, your coach and your number one fan. With it’s bright, fire energy this orange, red or earthy brown stone will boost your immune system, ignite your self esteem and bring you the energy and strength you need. 


Chrysocolla - Feminine wisdom

Chrysocolla is a stone of wisdom, feminine power and intuition. A gentle but powerful crystal, Chrysocolla reminds me of the energy of The Empress in the major arcana, a card associated with nurturing, comforting, and life giving femininity. With its deep greens and rich blues, this copper based stone brings support and compassion and can aid forgiveness and lift depression. Whenever you feel as if you need the comfort of home cooked food, a day under a thick blanket or a reassuring hug, Chrysocolla is there for you.


Citrine - Abundance attracting

Called the 'Success Stone', Citrine can help focus your energy towards achieving your dreams. With its soft yellow or fiery orange hues like drops of sunshine, you can't help but feel Citrine's vitality and positivity. As well as attracting wealth and abundance, Citrine can boost your confidence, creativity and self-esteem - a great stone for a fresh start or new venture. Said to bring the energy of the sun, Citrine absorbs negativity and turns it into happy, positive, creative energy. Also, Citrine revitalises the mind, just like a holiday can, so use citrine to bring a dose of mental sunshine to you even if in wintery weather.


Diamond - Pure love and mystical power

A symbol of strength, purity and love, diamond is the hardest and most durable of all gemstones. Natural black diamonds are rare and are only found in two places on Earth. Some people believe that they came from space and landed on the Earth in a meteor billions of years ago. Black diamonds are a stone of mystical power, optimism and pure love and are said to defend against negative energy and bring the power to create your own future with self-confidence, originality and passion. Salt & pepper diamonds have black and white inclusions in them, hence the name, which makes each one completely unique. Like a tiny galaxy of stars.


Emerald - Inspring and clarifying

If you need to relight your fire or get things moving for you, Emerald is a great stone to choose. A magnet for good fortune and abundance, Emerald inspires positive action by eliminating negativity and raising consciousness. It can help you to overcome the slings and arrows of life by strengthening your resolve and mental clarity, bringing to the surface that which is unconsciously known and therefore enhancing your own psychic wisdom. Placed in the house, Emerald can bring protection and ‘domestic bliss’ to those who dwell within.


Garnet - Balancing and empowering

Deep blood red, like a pomegranate seed, Garnet is a crystal of passion, success and manifestation. Said to help overcome depression, give hope and courage, Garnet is a very useful crystal to have in a crisis! In situations where there seems to be no way out it brings courage and hope, so, if you are facing a tough time, Garnet is your ally. This sensuous dark red crystal balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate, helps you to let go of things which no longer serve you and brings into your life that which is needed.


Green Aventurine - For new beginnings

Green Aventurine is a stone of good fortune, new beginnings and alternative possibilites. An extremely positive stone that attracts prosperity, enhances creativity and stimulates perception, Aventurine promotes a sense of wellbeing and dissolves negative feelings so it is a great stone for calming anger and irritation. If you need a lucky charm, wear Green Aventurine and it’s optimistic, magnetic energy will be sure to bring you fortune and opportunity in abundance. And since it can help you see alternative possibilities, you may find abundance where you weren’t expecting to.


Green Moss Agate - Crystal R n R

If you need a stone to refresh your soul and your connection to nature, Moss Agate is a beautifully unique, balancing and unblocking stone that does just that. Just like a long walk in a deep woodland, Moss Agate’s stabilising, optimistic energy reduces stress, balances the emotions and inspires growth. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, depressed or lethargic, this stone will help to brighten your mood and bring in new beginnings. 


Grey Moonstone - The secret speaker

The stone of the New Moon, Grey Moonstone holds the mystery, secrets and mystical potential of the Moon in its beginning phase. Moonstone can help bring shadows in to the light, revealing hidden truths and making the unconscious conscious. A stone of new beginnings and intuition Moonstone balances emotions, calms irrational energy and soothes anxiety and stress.  


Iolite - Access to a higher realm

If you’re looking for a stone to bring insight, activate your intuition and connect to your inner knowing, Iolite is the crystal for you. Iolite helps clear the mind allowing you to access higher realms, explore dream worlds and assist in journeying outside of the body. A great stone for meditation and introspection. Iolite also helps you to take responsibility, strengthens resolve and brings self assurance.  


Jade - The Magician

Jade helps you to know yourself, and when you know yourself, you can be yourself and let all your talents and unique skills shine. This authenticity brings prosperity and abundance, luck and fortune in the best way; by bringing wisdom by helping you to known yourself and tune in to your own inner wisdom. If you're stuck or feeling lost and can't seem to find the path to your future, let Jade offer a soft hand of guidance. If you know the way you want to go but need help realising negative thoughts and self limiting beliefs, Jade brings the self confidence you may need to put your dreams and ambitions into action.


Jet - Transformation

The ultimate ‘Memento Mori’, Jet reminds us that everything dies and will be transformed. Jet has long been associated with death, especially since Queen Victoria made it hugely popular when she chose to wear it as her mourning jewellery. As it is said to be deeply protective Jet has been used to guide souls to the underworld for centuries. Though it is not technically a crystal, rather the fossilised remains of monkey puzzle trees that have been compacted in the Earth for billions of years, Jet is also a very grounding stone that roots you back to the Earth.


Labradorite - Mystical and magical

Inuit legend says that Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Northern Lights. In the past it has been know as a powerful protection stone and as a magical talisman, bringing serendipity and synchronicity into your life to bring about great change. If it's an inner journey you embark upon, let Labradorite be your guide, shaman and council. Powerfully protective, Labradorite strengthens psychic ability and awakens your intuition, helping you connect to spiritual guides and access other realms, of your self and beyond. Try meditating with a labradorite in your palm and The High Priestess in your gaze and see what answers from within come forth.


Lapis Lazuli - Wise counsel

A mystical treasure prized by Ancient Egyptians who believed it to have powers of immortality and so wore it as jewellery, made ornaments from it and even ground it into a powder they used as eye shadow. Lapis Lazuli is an action stone that brings wisdom, authenticity and honesty. A deep blue stone it sometimes has flecks of pyrite in it that sparkle like stars in a midnight blue sky.


Malachite - Helaing transformation

Known as 'The Transformation Stone' Malachite is a deeply healing stone, helping you to change, move on and grow spiritually. A wonderful crystal for helping to release you from negative patterns, break addictions and heal from traumatic past events or painful emotional wounds. If you need to free yourself from internal negative energy, this is the stone to help you as its forgiving energy instills a sense of self worth, will power and commitment.


Rainbow Moonstone - The anti-anxiety stone

Moonstone can help bring shadows in to the light, revealing hidden truths and making the unconscious conscious. A stone of new beginnings and intuition Moonstone balances emotions, calms irrational energy and soothes anxiety and stress. Rainbow Moonstone has a blue flash across its surface, just like Labradorite, and is technically another form of that crystal so it is no coincidence that is share the shame protective properties.


Onyx - Protective and grounding

Black Onyx is a dense, earthy crystal and a powerful protection stone. It protects the wearer from negative energy, defends against people who are manipulative, critical or argumentative and helps to relieve fear. Onyx is a grounding force and can bring balance and a sense of well-being and can help to centre your energy and bring you strength and stamina, both physically and emotionally. A natural stress reliever, Onyx can also help you work through and heal old emotional wounds that may be affecting you in the present and therefore help clear the way for you mentally to focus on your future.


Opal - Love and light

Thought of as unlucky by some cultures, and to have fallen from thundery skies with lightning trapped within them by others, Opals have been a stone of mystery and magic for thousands of years. A kaleidoscope of colour, Opal is a beautiful stone of love and happiness and is said to amplify emotions and bring optimism and positivity, lightness and spontaneity. This crystal can help you to see your full potential and amplifies your self worth and is said to stimulate your metaphysical gifts too. As Opal are quite porous they can become dull if exposed to water or chemicals.


Peach Moonstone - Balancing and soothing

Moonstone can help bring shadows in to the light, revealing hidden truths and making the unconscious conscious. A stone of new beginnings and intuition Moonstone balances emotions, and calms the mind, especially if you are an over thinker or prone to anxiety. Peach Moonstone is a great stone to wear if you suffer panic attacks are particularly sensitive or need emotional support. 


Peridot - The sunshine through the clouds

The birthstone for August, Peridot is a stone of the Sun. Uplifting and optimistic it drives away darkness and helps you to overcome fear and depression and let go of negative patterns. By soothing your anxieties and relaxing your mind (just like sitting in sunshine) Peridot can help you let go of tension, worries and negative energy that still clings to you from the past. If you’re looking for a stone to help you move forward and let go of that which does not serve you, Peridot can help you do just that. This sunny, positive crystal also relieves feelings of jealous, anger and resentment.


Pyrite - Mystical abundance

Also known as 'Fool's Gold', Pyrite will help to strengthen your will and shield you from harm. This crystal’s fiery energy will help launch you into action - inspiring and motivating, Pyrite will take your own energy, and you, forward into your next chapter with mystical abundance. As a crystal of positive energy, Pyrite is extremely helpful for melancholy and negative thoughts and also helps you to see beyond pretence and falsity and see the truth behind a persons words and actions. Pyrite is also said to attract wealth so it’s a great stone to use in money spells.


Rhodochrosite - Happy go lucky

Rhodochrosite, like other pink crystals, is a stone of love. It's peaceful, cheery energy can help you identify and deal with destructive emotions and encourages you to enjoy life, be passionate and express yourself joyfully. If you have any unresolved or painful feelings to work through Rhodochrosite can help you work through them improving your confidence, self worth and emotional health.


Rose Quartz - love is all you need

Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. As a stone of the heart Rose Quartz brings peace, tenderness and healing, encouraging self-love and contentment. With its tranquil, soothing vibes, Rose Quartz is said to ease stress, as well as feelings of jealousy and resentment and can help to heal a broken heart. A beautiful crystal of love, tenderness and peace. Rose Quartz can help you find love, by opening your heart, bringing forgiveness and teaching you to love yourself. 


Ruby - The fire within

One of the four ‘precious’ gemstones (also Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond) Ruby is a symbol of strength, vitality and pure life force. In ancient times it was believed that a ruby would tell you of impending danger by glowing brightly and in Burma it was thought that a Ruby in your skin would make you invulnerable. Known as a stone of passion and faithful love, Ruby has also long been thought of as the perfect wedding stone as it is said to bring closeness and encourage commitment. If you need a boost of energy, especially in love, Ruby is for you.


Sapphire - The wise owl

Blue Sapphire brings wisdom, dispels confusion, and attracts prosperity and wealth with it. A wonderful stone of calm and serenity, Blue Sapphire can help you find your spiritual truth.


Smoky Quartz - The super grounder

Smoky quartz, like amethyst, turns negative energy into positive, working deep in the psyche and grounding negative energy back into the earth. If your mind is going a mile a minute, use smoky quartz to connect yourself, back to the earth and back to your centre. Smoky Quartz is highly purifying and is one of the best anti-stress stones, it helps you let go of that which does not serve you, including grief, fear and resentment.


Sodalite - soothing worry

A blue stone with beautiful calcite inclusions which can make beautiful swirling patterns, like a tiny blue planet. Known as The Poet's Stone, Sodalite bring the heart and mind together to achieve mental and emotional clarity. A wonderful stone for those who suffer anxiety, low confidence or panic attacks, Sodalite can ease a worried mind and bring inner peace. Sodalite will help you realise your own truth and anything in a situation that you might need to see for what it really is.


Sugilite - Love, light and hope

A stone for the misfits, the strange and unusual. If ever there were a stone that encompassed the true spirit of Bonearrow, Sugilite is it. It’s the friend you always wanted, the protector of your open heart. Sugilite helps you deal with the overwhelm of the world and brings spiritual protection, in the physical plane and in dream states. Sugilite helps you let go of past hurt or anger giving the gift of optimism in its place. If you feel the cruelness of the world Sugilte helps you deal with it with gentle love, bringing light and hope into the darkest depths of despair. Sugilite creates a warm protective shield of light around those who are sensitive, making the harsh world we live in feel a little warmer. 


Sunstone - The beam of sunshine

Sunstone is a stone of bright, happy, optimism. A distant cousin of Moonstone, Sunstone has a glittery gold shimmer, just like sunshine on water. If you find it difficult to say no to people who are overly demanding of you Sunstone can help you feel empowered and confident. It’s also helps to lift dark moods and bring a ray of sunshine if you have the winter blues. Sunstone is also considered a lucky stone and can bring unexpected prosperity and is said to bring your talents out into the light for other to see, and admire!

Tanzanite - find your dharma

This vibrant, indigo stone is found in only one place on earth, near Mount Kilimanjaro and it is one of the rarest stones on Earth, even more so than diamond! A crystal of truth, trust and spirituality, Tanzanite encourages you to be the best version of yourself, in your highest power. 

Tiger’s Eye - The truth seer

Tiger's eye attracts luck, good fortune and prosperity - a talisman for new businesses it attracts money to flow in steadily. Said to sharpen the focus of your inner eye and help you see things more clearly, if you have a decision or judgement to make, Tiger's Eye will help to guide you and see things as they are and not be tricked by illusions. Known as the all seeing, all knowing, Tiger's Eye can help clarify your inner vision and bring understanding as to why things are happening, perhaps revealing hidden truths. Embrace this truth and let Tiger's Eye embolden with it's grounding, protecting energy. Tiger's Eye is a crystal of good fortune and empowerment, emboldening and enthusing the wearer.


Tourmalinated Quartz - Protection, amplyfied

Tourmalinated Quartz is Clear Quartz Crystal with needle like threads of grounding, protecting Black Tourmaline running through it, marrying the properties of Quartz and Tourmaline together bringing balance and boundaries. This blending of two crystals from opposite ends of the spectrum creates a duality in the stone, as many of us have within, and because of this you may find it deeply supportive. Both energising and grounding, purifying and inspiring, Tourmalinated Quartz is a powerful pairing of forces.


Turquoise - The anceint wonder

Turquoise is a stone of strength, protection and friendship. Prized as a scared stone in many ancient cultures, Turquoise embodies the wisdom of mother earth and we hold it to us as a connection to her. Perhaps this is why Turquoise was one of the earliest stones that humans used for jewellery. For this reason, Turquise can help you feel the connected to your ancestors and their wisdom, as well as the wisdom of nature.