smoky obsidian necklace
smoky obsidian and silver necklace by bonearrow jewellery
talisman necklace of smoky obsidian
smoky obsidian meaning
smoky obsidian and silver pendant


Smoky Obsidian Talisman Necklace

Smoky Obsidian is a gentle form of Obsidian, deeply healing and comforting, especially to those who have suffered loss or have experienced emotional trauma. Obsidian is said to reveal ones shadow self and acts as a smoky mirror to ones soul. Nothing is hidden from Obsidian. 

This free-form, natural Smoky Obsidian measures 25mm by 25mm at it's widest point. Set in Sterling Silver and hanging on an 18" silver chain.

Handmade in Bonearrow's Nottingham workshop.