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mini moon ring
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Mini Moon Ring
Mini Moon Ring
Mini Moon Ring


Mini Moon Ring

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Our Silver Moon/Goldstone Shadow Ring is one of our best sellers, so we made a mini version!

​This ring combines a sweet little 5mm round Blue Goldstone or pastel pink Rose Quartz crystal set next to a little Silver crescent moon. Wear the crescent waxing or waning.

Blue Goldstone is a man-made stone said to have been created by accident when Italian monks practising alchemy spilt copper into molten glass.​

Rose Quartz is the crystal of love! As a stone of the heart Rose Quartz brings peace, tenderness and healing, encouraging self-love and contentment.​

Each Bonearrow jewel is designed hand crafted in our Nottingham studio and so each piece is as individual as you are, with it's own character and 'flaws' which we think only makes it more beautiful ✨