Satellite Ring in Rhodochrosite

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Satellite Ring in Rhodochrosite
Satellite Ring in Rhodochrosite in Sterling Silver
Handmade Rhodochrosite crystal and silver ring

Rhodochrosite, like other pink crystals, is a stone of love. It's peaceful, cheery energy make the wearer feel a sense of emotional happiness and joy and can invite love into their life.

Forged of metal and stone, our Satellite rings are like tiny crystal moons orbiting your finger, with their silver path mapped out forever. Handmade in sterling silver and ethically sourced, natural moonstone and finished in either polished or blackened silver.
Choose the stone you are drawn to, as it may have something to tell you... It is age old and Magic.   

Each Bonearrow jewel is designed and hand crafted in our Nottingham studio and so each piece is as individual as you are and may vary slightly from the photographs. Each piece has with it's own character and 'flaws' which we think only makes it more beautiful.

Please note, our blackened finish is sterling silver that has been darkened by oxidisation, giving a petrol and rust coloured blackening to the metal which will gradually rub away and wear beautifully lighter over time to a dark silver.

Please message us at if you want a size other than those listed. We are happy to make custom sizes for you.

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