Square Dendritic Agate Pendant Necklace for Jane

Square Dendritic Agate Pendant Necklace for Jane

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Each Dendritic Agate is as individual as we are, uniquely flawed and magical. A stone of duality, and Earth Magic with a slow, low energy that generates stability and composure, Dendritic Agate vibrates out a beat of patience, acceptance and perseverance. Known as 'The Stone of Plentitude' this milky white stone invites abundance into all areas of our lives. The dark fern-like tendrils that run through the stone are iron or magnesium, just like the twisting veins of our darkest thoughts and inky, blurred impurities. It’s the darkness that makes us interesting.

This square Dendritic Agate is held tightly in Sterling Silver, measure around the individual crystal, its shape and size informing the design and making each pendant a unique, one-off. Just like you, my friend.

This pendant has an open back so the crystal can be close to your skin and hangs on a sterling silver curb chain. Chose the length of chain you would prefer. 

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