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Starlite Studs for Abundance

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Like two tiny crystal stars twinkling around your head, whispering their divine wisdom into your ears. 
These crystals have been chosen for their attraction of abundance to the wearer. Choose the stone you are drawn to, as it may have something to tell you... It's is age old and Magic.  

Carnelian is a stone of self confidence, motivation and courage and is a talisman for prosperity and good fortune.

Citrine is the stone of success! Said to carry the energy of the sun, Citrine gives positive energy and aids imagination and creativity. A great stone for a fresh start or new venture.

Deep blood red, like a pomegranate seed, Garnet​ is a crystal of success and health. Said to help overcome depression, give hope and courage and attract people and good fortune to the wearer. 

Jade is a stone of friendship, good luck and peace. It is said to help access the spirit world as well as balance nerves and bring solutions to your problems to your dreams.

Also known as 'Fool's Gold', Pyrite will help to strengthen will, shield and protect you from harm. Pyrite is also said to attract wealth.

Rose Quartz is the crystal of love! As a stone of the heart Rose Quartz brings peace, tenderness and healing, encouraging self-love and contentment. If it's an abundance of love you're looking for, Rose quartz is the stone for you.

Tiger's Eye attracts luck, good fortune and prosperity.

Handmade in Nottingham with Sterling Silver and ethically sourced crystals.