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Starlite Studs for Calm

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Like two tiny crystal stars twinkling around your head, whispering their divine wisdom into your ears. 
These crystals bring peace, calm and balance to the wearer. Choose the stone you are drawn to, as it may have something to tell you... It's is age old and Magic.  

Amethyst is the crystal of dreams and meditation and is a great all purpose stone, often connected with sobriety and spirituality. Amethyst absorbs negativity energy and never needs to be cleansed.

Blue Topaz brings peace and clarity to the mind and stimulates creativity and self confidence. A beautiful stone of kindness and calm.

Jade is a stone of friendship, good luck and peace. It is said to help access the spirit world as well as balance nerves and bring solutions to your problems in your dreams.

Known as 'The Transformation Stone' Malachite is a deeply healing stone, helping you to change, move on and grow spiritually.

Moonstone is known as a protection crystal for travellers and Rainbow Moonstone in particular is said to bring calm, ease sleep and soothe emotional trauma.

Rose Quartz is the crystal of love! As a stone of the heart Rose Quartz brings peace, tenderness and healing, encouraging self-love and contentment.

Sodalite is a blue stone with beautiful calcite inclusions which can make beautiful swirling patterns, like a tiny blue planet. Known as The Poet's Stone, Sodalite bring the heart and mind together to achieve mental and emotional clarity. A wonderful stone for those who suffer anxiety, low confidence or panic attacks, Sodalite can ease a worried mind and bring inner peace.

Handmade in Nottingham with Sterling Silver and ethically sourced crystals.