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Black Tektite Ring

 A 'Tektite' is not really a crystal, as it was not formed in the earth like other crystals, rather it is a piece of earth that has been scorched by a meteor and hurtled into the upper atmosphere where it was quickly cooled. With this direct contact to the universe, Tektite is truly a magical material, with a gentle but powerful energy. Tektite's power strengthens the more time you spend with it.

This large, black tektite is held tightly in Sterling Silver and is made to fit a size M (US size 7).

Each Holy Stone ring is made to measure around an individual crystal, it's shape and size informing the design and making each ring a unique, one-off. The sterling silver band is softly rounded on the inside for a soft fit.

If you'd like a similar stone in a different size, please email us at and we'll let you know what stones we have.