Gothic Black Tektite and silver ring
Gothic Black Tektite and silver ring
Gothic Black Tektite and silver ring

Large Natural Tektite Ring Size O (US 7)

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Tektites are pieces of earth that have been turned molten by the impact of a meteor landing! The meteor impact sends bits of earth flying up into the upper atmosphere where it is burned up and falls back to earth as these pitted black stones. Because they are essentially little astronauts, it is said that wearing or carrying a Tektite can help you commune with other worlds or realms.

This ring is made with a free-form, natural black Tektite set in Sterling Silver with a smooth, rounded silver band. Size UK O/ size US 7. 

This ring is made and ready to ship out. If you'd like a similar stone in a different size, please email us at and we'll let you know what stones we have.

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If you're not sure of your ring size you can order one of our handy little ring sizers here, or check our conversion size chart. Also, if you're not 100% happy with your little slice of Bonearrow, or if it doesn't fit perfectly, I'm always happy to exchange or tweak the size for you where possible. You can check Bonearrow's returns policy here or check out the reviews to see what other people had to say about Bonearrow. 


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