The Felicity Bangle

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The Felicity Bangle is a thin silver band that has been marked with a small hammer, gently oxidised and then polished. The oxidisation process stains the silver a petrol, rust or black colour so that when the bangle is polished the stain is rubbed away from the surface but the dark colour is left in the deep ridges. 

Each bangle is unique in its pattern with its own impact marks, or scars, giving it its own individual character, just like you, my friend.

If you love this you might also like the thicker version, Lena. Or the accompanying Felicity Ring.

The small size has an inside width of 60mm

The medium size has an inside width of 65mm

The large size has an inside width of 70mm

This bangle will be handmade to order in my Nottingham workshop and will take up to 2 weeks to make, from you placing your order to it being shipped out.