Waxing Moon/Waning Moon

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waxing moon silhouette necklace
waning moon outline necklace
simple silver moon necklace
lunar necklace
If you're in love with the moon, like we are, this little slice of silver is a symbolic connection to the power of the moon, through the metal of the earthThe light reflects back from the silver as the sun shines back from the moon. As above so below. 

Wear it waxing to the left, waning to the right.

Placed on a sterling silver snake chain worn at the Throat Chakra.

​Available on a 14” or 16” chain.

Each Bonearrow jewel is designed hand crafted in our Nottingham studio and so each piece is as individual as you are, with it's own character and 'flaws' which we think only makes it more beautiful 

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