Wicca's Serpent

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I was very excited when a wonderful lady in Switzerland named Wicca asked me to design a hexagonal Salt & Pepper diamond ring with a snake incorporated for her, especially because I was creating lots of snake pieces for The Poison Path collection. So, I had to add her ring to the new collection, as well as the heirloom rings collection! This very special ring has textured platinum snake coiling around a 6mm hexagonal Salt & Pepper Diamond. The inside of the ring is polished so it's super comfortable to wear. 

This ring is custom made to order in your perfect size and takes 6-8 weeks to create. Each Salt and Pepper diamond is unique and different varying slightly in colour, shape and size so wherever possible I will let you choose the centre stone for your ring.

The diamonds I buy are fully traceable from a trusted supplier and originate from an award-winning mine in Botswana with no question of exploitation of labour. The Jwaneng mine (which means 'a place of small stones') is 50% owned by Botswana's government so profits are reinvested back into the infrastructure of the country.