Blue Kyanite raw pieces close up, Blue Kyanite crystal meaning

Protection, Cleansing, Communication

Blue Kyanite is a great protection stone as it purifies the energy around you by deflecting negative energy away and sending good vibes only back your way. This beautiful blue crystal also aids communication by helping you find your voice and speak your truth honestly and openly without fear whilst dispelling confusion and frustration.

What is it?

A silicate mineral that is found in lots of colours, mainly blue and white but also teal and green. The most valuable colour is a 'sapphire-blue' though most stones don't have a consistent colour throughout the whole stone as they can be quite streaky or blotchy.

Where is it found?

Blue Kyanite with white inclusionsIndia, France, USA and South Africa are the main sources of Kyanite. 

Blue Kyanite is actually used in industry to make porcelain. As it has heat resistant properties it's used as an insulator and in super strong ceramics. You might even have some in your bathroom!



How tough is it?

4.5/10 on the Mohs scale.

Why you need it in your armoury

Blue Kyanite polished cut stones

If you need to facilitate a difficult conversation, have a confrontation looming or a need to make yourself heard by someone who isn’t great at listening, Blue Kyanite will be the sword at your side to take into battle, dispelling fear and cutting through misunderstanding. It can also be your secret weapon if you have any kind of presentation or speech to do.

Emotional support:

As well as giving you all the good vibes, cleansing your aura and your mood, Blue Kyanite encourages you to be, and love, your authetic self.

Connects you with:

Your truth and your voice. Said to also help you access forgotten memories. 

Cleanse it with:

Blue Kyanite never needs cleansing as it turns any negative energy to positive, in fact, in can be used to cleanse other stones. 

Blue Kyanite Holy Stones launch November 30th at 8pm.

deep blue kyanite gemstone rings one of a kind jewellery by Bonearrow, worn over two hands with matching blue nails

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