Not everyone knows their ring size, and it can be really hard if you're buying a ring as a gift for someone else. But never fear, I'm here to help. I've got some handy hints (sorry not sorry) to find out your ring size, and perhaps even more useful, sneaky ways to find out some else's!

How do I know my ring size?

Unlike earrings or necklaces where generally one size fits all, rings come in lots different sizes to accommodate lots of different finger sizes. Here at Bonearrow, I make most rings to order, in whatever size you are, so if you have tiny fingers or larger fingers (or 'sausage fingers' as lots of people say about theirs!) you can still find a ring that will fit you perfectly. There really is no such thing as a normal finger size! That's why I make rings in every size, no one is left out, even if you usually struggle to find rings that fit.

Since I'm based in the UK, I use UK finger sizes that are letters, going from A to Z+. If you're a half size though (yes, you can be a half size!), an S 1/2 for example, just write in your order notes that you'd like an S 1/2 and I'll make it exactly that!

What if I only know my size in Pandora?
It doesn't help that each country has their own system for sizing rings. The UK uses letters whereas the US uses numbers and of course, different jewellers use different metrics. Pandora, for example use French sizes. If you know your size in Pandora, you can convert it to the nearest size in Bonearrow using this chart, find your pandora rig size in letters (UK) or numbers (US). You're welcome!
Ring size conversion chart UK to pandora, UK to US ring sizes
What if I don't know what size I am in any of these?
Well then, luckily for you we have a useful little tool that can help with that! If you have no idea what size you are I can send you a little plastic ring sizer that you can use to measure your finger and give your size in UK letters. The sizer is only £1 and has free postage! 
But, what if I need to find out someone else's ring size, you know, on the sly?!
Don't worry, I gotcha! ;) Trust me, I've done this before. There's a few things you can do if you want to find out someone's ring size without them knowing... Here's my top sneaky sneaks:
1) Ask their friends or family - sounds obvious but someone might have already done the hard work here, so you don't have to!
​2) Use one of their existing rings to find out - now I'm not condoning theft here, just borrowing! The easiest way (apart from number 1) is to find a ring they already have that fits and get that sized at a jewellers.
3) Ask someone with similar sized fingers what their size is - This is tricky because it requires a very good judge of hand size. Fingers can be quite different and even a couple of millimetres can make a difference... But it's an option.
​4) Buy one of our aforementioned Ring Sizers and covertly put it on their finger while they're sleeping. Hmm, on second thoughts, you're better off with any of the above.
5) Guess! I'm are happy to exchange any ring for a different size if it doesn't fit perfectly, so long as it isn't a custom make or one of a kind. Just email me at hi@bonearrow.com if you want to exchange.