Hello magical misfit,

I made these offerings for you.

I'm Clare, the creatrix at Bonearrow. I too am strange and unusual, just like the jewellery I make. If you’re bewitched by the beauty of crystals and find treasure in the slightly macabre, you're in the right place.



Gothic Symbology & the Macabre in Bonearrow Jewellery

As I fall deeper into the otherworld of Bonearrow, and give my self more time to allow my hands to be moved by the muse, I have started to see a symbolic...

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The Poison Path - Baneful Herbs and their properties

In an English country garden, amongst the pretty wildflowers and manicured lawns, you may find a baneful herb or two, or three... or many if you know what you're looking...

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Why salt and pepper diamonds are the perfect choice for your alternative engagement ring

Looking for a unique, alternative, rock n roll engagement ring? Here at Bonearrow in Nottingham, UK, we specialise in designing and making black and salt and pepper diamond engagement rings.

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We use recycled gold and silver wherever possible. This is means your metal has had many previous lives! (Haunting is not guaranteed.)


Bonearrow is a vegan business and we will never, ever use animal products like pearls or leather in our designs or workshop.