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Gothic Symbology & the Macabre in Bonearrow Jewellery

As I fall deeper into the otherworld of Bonearrow, and give my self more time to allow my hands to be moved by the muse, I have started to see a symbolic...

As I fall deeper into the otherworld of Bonearrow, and give my self more time to allow my hands to be moved by the muse, I have started to see a symbolic language emerging. My design style has been allowed to evolve in 8 years of making jewellery, but there are some core elements I come back to again and again.

Whilst designing my latest collection 'Porcelain Bones', I got to thinking about why I, and perhaps you too, have such an fondness for these symbols and why we feel represented by them.

These are some of the symbols you will see pop up in my work time and time again, and what they mean to me.

Snakes, bats, spiders and beetles 

Many animals are feared and misrepresented. A lot like witches I suppose. I guess that’s why I feel an affinity and connection with these often misunderstood animals and why they appear so frequently in my work. 

Bats are often a symbol of evil, believed to be vampires in animal form, or accompanying the devil on his quest of darkness. Another creature persecuted by bad press! In actual fact, bats are sweet and gentle creatures that help us by pollinating and removing insects from the food we eat. Without them, we would be much worse off! 

If you love bats too, follow my personal instagram where I post stories and pictures bats I have befriended and rehabilitated for in my work as a bat carer.

Snakes too have been long persecuted by Christianity, a sign of Lucifer himself, sin and trickery. They may be skillful hunters and even hold venom with the power to paralyse and in some cases kill, but they are mostly a creature that keeps to itself and doesn’t like to be disturbed. I can see why they hold an attraction to those with an alternative style, as we are often introverted and prefer time alone than in a crowd.



A skull is another symbol feared by many and seen to be distasteful and strange. For many, a skull simply means death, destruction and decay. But for the dark of heart, the skull is a symbol of rebirth, impermanence and spirituality. We are not scared of the dark side of life. Acknowledging it just makes the light all the warmer. Those who are truly wise and soulful know that death comes for us all, and turning our cheek to it will not change that fact. 

Teeth and bones

Some may find it strange that a vegan animal lover would want to be surrounded by bones, fallen teeth, and animal parts. But to me these are all a reminder that life is short yet, parts of us go on. We are all atoms from billion year old starbursts. Our bones are made of the same stuff as the Earth itself. Ashes to ashes dust to dust. We all become part of the Earth again, and are transformed in death. 

Bones also hold a fascination and wonder for the macabre at heart. How strange and magical it is that these are the hidden workings of our bodies!

Swords and daggers

Bloodshed and violence are conjured when some people see depictions of these weapons. But to me, they are a symbol of protection and focused intention. Used by ancients for ritual sacrifice, they are a symbol of power, but daggers also often represent absolute truth. In the tarot, the swords deal with the mind and intellect, thoughts and beliefs. A symbol of action.



a three of swords tattoo and a wishbone necklace

The three of swords has become something of a mascot for Bonearrow so much, so that I have one tattooed on my chest. Someone actually referred to it as the Bonearrow signature heart as I have made many silver or stone heart, ready to be pierced by a dagger, or three, or five.



As a witch with a dark inclination toward the macabre, and the Gothic, I find the times of sadness. I’m often at my most creative. The spell dagger was born when my rabbit Vincent died. I made it as a remembrance piece for him and somewhere to hold his fur. Just like your favourite sad song, sometimes the hard parts of life can be just a sweet as the joyous, if their birth something beautiful from the ashes. 

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