We’re all a little bit weird here.

You too? Then come on in, take a seat and pull a card.

If you like your jewellery unique and unusual, I can’t wait for you to delve into the darkly delightful offerings I’ve conjured up in my Nottingham workshop, just for alternative souls like you.

I’m Clare, the creatrix behind Bonearrow jewellery.

I was always a bit of a weird kid. Fascinated with the macabre (one of my favourite games was playing dead) and my best friend was our family dog. I was quite happy being strange and unusual though and the last thing I wanted was to be like everyone else. 

I loved working with metal and making things, so I did a diploma in design and then a degree in Jewellery Design and Silversmithing in Birmingham's Historic Jewellery Quarter, but then I felt a little lost... I felt like I didn't quite fit in anywhere. And I thought I could never be a jewellery designer because I didn't like the kind of jewellery that was commercial at the time.

So I worked office jobs I hated for years, meandering through life until my mid-thirties. I knew had a place in the world somewhere, it just took me a long time to find it. And actually, I didn’t so much find it as create it.

Magical, meaningful jewellery for misfits, witches and weirdos

After working in branding & product development, and as a makeup artist in the fashion and film industry, I built up the confidence to make my own jewellery brand. I wanted to make jewellery that felt meaningful, that celebrated the magic of crystals and the gothic, macabre style I loved. Soon enough, other 'weirdos' just like me found my gothic style enchanting and fell in love with my creations.

Now I have my own little corner of the world, a shop and workshop in Nottingham's Sneinton Market, where I make alternative jewellery, imbued with magic and symbolism for other witches, weirdos and misfits who love its meaning and magic. I never thought I had any special talent or gift, until I started making jewellery that made my soul sing. Now my customers tell me they can feel the magic in the pieces I create. Over the years I’ve nestled further into my own authentic weirdness. I dress all in black, I have many tattoos that tell the story of my life and my loves, and I look after bats in my spare time. Yes, bats! I'm living my gothic witch dream.



Cast a love spell with alternative engagement and wedding rings, or create a custom piece to celebrate your unique love story.



One-of-a-kind crystal creations made to harness your unique power and amplify your intentions. Perfect for manifesting & magic work.



Amulets, armour and everyday enchantments. The Armoury is equipped with our ready made and made-to-order magic.

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