one of a kind citrine silver rings on a citrine cluster

A crystal for creativity and manifesting success

Often called the 'Success Stone', Citrine can help focus your energy towards achieving your dreams. With its soft yellow or fiery orange hues, like drops of sunshine, you can't help but feel Citrine's vitality and positivity! As well as attracting wealth and abundance, Citrine can boost your confidence, creativity and self-esteem. Said to bring the energy of the Sun, Citrine absorbs negativity and turns it into happy, positive, creative energy. Also, Citrine revitalises the mind, just like a holiday can, so use Citrine to bring a dose of mental sunshine even in wintery weather.

Raw citrine pointsWhat is it?

Like the last crystal I chose for a one-of-a-kind drop, Smoky Quartz, Citrine is also a type of quartz, in fact, people often mistake Smoky Quartz for Citrine. That's because Smoky Quartz, Citrine, and Amethyst are all really the same stone, but with a slightly different level of oxidisation! Iron ions inside the crystal become oxidised at different temperatures and the level of oxidisation changes the colour of the stone. This heating happens naturally in the earth when the crystal has formed, but as Amethyst is way more abundant than Citrine, Amethysts are often heat treated to create the fiery orange Citrine you see most often.

tumble stone citrine crystals

Where is it found?

Citrine is found in many places on Earth. Natural Citrine has been found in Bolivia, Madagascar, Mexico, Spain and Uruguay. 

How tough is it?

7/10 on the Mohs scale. 

citrine nails with citrine rings on a citrine clusterWhy you need it in your armoury

I love to have a Citrine nearby whenever I'm designing or brainstorming because I feel like it boost creativity for me and gives me a wonderful dose of positive, 'can-do' energy.  Also, if you're starting something like a new business or project and you want to attract wealth, abundance and ensure success, you NEED a citrine in your arsenal. 

Cleanse with:

Can be cleansed with water, incense or buried in the ground for a few days vay-cay.

Works well with:

Clear Quartz to amplify that creative energy or Green Fluorite to help keep you focused while you create.

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