Crystal Visions: Dendritic Agate

Dendritic agate crystal meaning

Plentitude, abundance and an attitude of gratitude. 

If you’re celebrating your successes and you want the universe to know that you appreciate every gift you’ve been given, this beautiful snowy white crystal with its grey pools and dark tendrils is the embodiment of that intention. Helping you staying connected to your roots and grounded as you grow, in whatever path you choose, a Dendritic Agate as your talisman will attract more of the same energy whilst encouraging you to enjoy your success every step of the way.

What is it?

dendritic agate meaningDendritic Agates are not technically an Agate but they have been adopted into the Agate family. Sometimes they are also incorrectly labeled as Opals, but they are actually a form of Chalcedony. The strange and unique inky splotches and dark tendrils in these beautifully unique stones form when iron oxides or manganese are deposited in the 3 dimensional crystalline structure as it grows. Water containing these oxides gets into the crystal structure they water escapes but the particles of iron manganese are left behind. In the same way that snowflakes form, when liquid water is cooled it forms into dendritic patterns as the water molecules freeze and crystallize, growing upon each other in intricate and beautiful forms. Quite rare, especially ones with a landscape.

Where is it found?

Brazil, Mexico, USA & Africa.

How tough is it?

6.5 to 7/10 on the Mohs scale.

Why you need it in your armoury

dendritic agate jewelleryDendritic Agate encourages perseverance and patience and can remove self imposed limitations, so its a wonderful stone for new businesses or those who are working on any passion project (goodbye imposter syndrome!). It also keeps you connected to the Earth wherever you are and connected to your roots and ancestors.

Emotional support:

This beautiful stone encourages self acceptance and promotes loving kindness. It inspires you to start over and helps you to overcome trauma.

Connects you with:

Nature and your own core, collective conciseness, Earth energy.

Cleanse it with:

Water, earth or smoke. Dendritic Earthy energy so can replenish this with a vay-cay n the ground.

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