Crystal Meanings Moss Agate

Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings. Bringing the energy of a new leaf turning, of something blossoming or a spurt of growth, whether you are looking to encouraging a new relationship to bloom or to bring a neglected one back to life, a little Moss Agate on your hand could be just the 'green finger' you need. Some people actually bury a little Moss Agate in their house plants to help them thrive!

Moss Agate crystal meaning - green mottled moss like pattern in a clear polished oval stoneFor me Moss Agate feels like spring time in a stone. As Persephone steps back up from the underworld and her mother Demeter's happiness at her daughters return makes all of the Earth bloom, Moss Agate feels like that moment captured in frozen crystal. Don't you think some Moss Agates look like tiny like forests captured in crystal, or like a slice of a frozen pond turned to stone? Looking down at a Moss Agate world on your finger might give you the perspective you need when you're caught up in the crazy of everyday life. If you can't take a walk in a green space to feel your connection to the Earth, maybe a Moss Agate will be bring the same calm of mind.

Moss agate crystal with brown and white lichen like mineral growth, like a like continent or coastlineAs well as being a mesmerising little world, Moss Agate's energy can help you to feel centred and balanced when your energy is feeling drained. You know how you feel refreshed and de-stressed when you go for a walk in the woods, well Moss Agate has that same energy and can help you remember that feeling even when you're stuck indoors or stressed at work. Wearing a Moss Agate can also be a good reminder to take a breather every now and then too - every time you see that little moss-like crystal, take a deep nurturing breath and I'm sure you'll feel better.

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