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Your July New Moon Tarotscopes

For this month, my Holy Stone is Blue Chalcedony, a stone of calm, serenity, and peace. Like a cool, soothing ocean view it relives stress and promotes inner peace and...

For this month, my Holy Stone is Blue Chalcedony, a stone of calm, serenity, and peace. Like a cool, soothing ocean view it relives stress and promotes inner peace and self-care.

This Cancer New Moon washes in on a wave of tender emotions. Go easy on yourself, moonbeams! Take some time out to feel your feelings, spend some time by yourself and figure out your priorities. Perhaps take this watery Cancer moon as a chance to wash away the past and cleanse your emotional landscape of anything you don't want to take forward. 

Read your tarotscope below to find out why you need some Blue Chalcedony in your life right now, and what advice The Hermit card has for you.

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Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.


The Hermit and Nine of Coins

The crystal magic tarot The Hermit and Nine of CoinsYou are busy hunkering down to research, inform, strategise, plan, and execute a really important long-term life goal. This is something that is years in the making. This is the vision. The prize. The end game.
The Hermit shows you’re the boss, you’re going to do this yourself and no one else can really do it anyway. That’s a good thing as the whole project will be empowering and confidence-building. You’re proving something, to yourself and others. The Nine of Coins shows it’s related to health, wealth, work or home- or maybe more than one of those, things often have a halo impact. You want a better way, a better outcome, and better prospects. You realise it will take persistence and investment but you’re ready and motivated and determined to make the sacrifices. Make a plan and crack on. This is very worthwhile. You are the doer and the beneficiary.

Your crystal prescription: Blue Chalcedony & Buddstone

It sounds like you have a project that needs practicality and focus, so I'm prescribing you two stones that bring just that. Buddstone, also known as African Jade, is super a grounding and practical stone. It promotes self-sufficiency and self-belief and whilst helping you deal with everyday practicalities (like admin and sorting out your pension), whilst Blue Chalcedony will harmonise your body and mind and bring optimism and enthusiasm, and aid serene focus.


The Hermit and Ace of Swords

The crystal magic tarot The Hermit and Ace of swordsTruth often comes from interaction, gossip, information, dialogue. However, an important truth is emerging in your realm but it comes from The Hermit i.e. from within, by being alone and thinking, by looking at facts and researching unanswered questions. Focus on the thing that bothers you, that feels untrue or unclear or foggy. With the cutting Ace of Swords you can get to the heart of the issue, lay it all out, and assess the reality. THEN you can make some big decisions and act with full disclosure. Do the homework.

Your crystal prescription: Blue Chalcedony & Tiger's Eye

Known as the all-seeing and all-knowing, Tiger's Eye can clarify the reason for a situation, perhaps revealing hidden truths. Pair this with Blue Chalcedony, a calming crystal that can facilitate a meditative state, and you'll not only find the answers you seek easier to reach, but you'll feel a peaceful serenity when it comes to making decisions about your discoveries.


The Hermit and Page of Wands

The crystal magic tarot The Hermit and Page of wandsBeing alone is not a problem for Earth signs, in fact you need downtime to just process, potter and recalibrate after being around others. The Page of Wands asks you to make a game of your alone time this New Moon. Whether that is literal i.e. you play solitaire, draw, do Sudoku, play a video game or abstract i.e. you ponder the nature of play and fun in your life and let your imagination serve up some ideas is up to you- maybe it’s both. Use your alone time to experiment, play, and just do stuff for the sake of doing it- no agenda, objective, or pressure. You need to unwind.

Your crystal prescription: Blue Chalcedony & Page of Wands

Like a cool, soothing ocean view, Blue Chalcedony relives stress and promotes inner peace and self-care. If you need to close the door on the outside world and get focused on a task, this crystal can help you ease into that flow zone where time flies by and you come out the other side feeling like you have been in a deep meditation. Pair this with detoxifying, supportive Apatite and you'll feel refreshed and revived whatever you choose to do to unwind.


The Hermit and The Magician

The crystal magic tarot The Hermit and The MagicianIt is time to retreat to the ‘Air Sign Laboratory’ and whip up some pure magic! You are an intellectual person and you seek mental challenge, you thirst for knowledge, you enjoy puzzles and lateral thinking, and research, and creativity. Put all that together with The Hermit and The Magician and go discover something new. Invention, innovation, creation. Make a podcast, a product, a proposal, a pitch, a poem, a party promotion (you’re not restricted to the letter P btw).
Working solo suits you. Tackling a complex or challenging issue or area intrigues you. Go surprise us all with something fresh out the kitchen.

Your crystal prescription: Blue Chalcedony & Jade

Where Blue Chalcedony can help you focus, Jade can help you realise your potential. Pair these together and you're going to be feeling great about whatever endeavour it is you choose to pursue. Blue Chalcedony brings the calm, serenity, and peace to the party, whilst jade brings the motivation, self-confidence and creativity. With these two stones in your pocket, any challenge you tackle will be fun and rewarding.


Kerry ard tarot reader

Kerry Ward is a Nottingham based tarot reader, and Cosmopolitan magazine’s FIRST tarot expert, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world. You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at or follow her at @mytarotbella.


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