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Your New Moon in Pisces Tarotscopes

Every New Moon asks us where we can make a change and what can we leave behind. The New Moon energy shakes up water that has become stagnant and encourages us to break...

Pisces New Moon February 2020 tarotscopes and crystal prescriptions

Every New Moon asks us where we can make a change and what can we leave behind. The New Moon energy shakes up water that has become stagnant and encourages us to break up with our bad habits.

Pisces is a sign of kindness and compassion, and since they're a water sign, they're super emotional too, so, this is a perfect time to look at where you can be kinder and more compassionate towards yourself. What emotions might you be blocking off or not allowing yourself to feel..?

Kerry Ward from Tarot Bella (and Cosmopolitans resident tarot card slinger) has consulted the cards to bring your monthly 'scopes. Kerry offers her guidance on how to work with the energy you may experience in this new moon cycle and I (Clare, of Bonearrow, first of her name, mother of jewels) write your prescription for the perfect crystals to balance your energy. 

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The twelve signs of the zodiac are categorised into four groups of three signs, each ruled by a particular element. Find your element below to read your tarotscope:

Bonearrow Tarotscopes The 4 ElementsAir - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

The signs ruled by each element are naturally compatible with each other, they ‘get’ each other and share similar values, attitudes and outlooks on life. Birds of a feather fly together. If your coven had a member from each zodiac sign, your other two element signs would be your best witches.

WATER Signs - Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

the marigold tarot tarotscopes by my tarotbellaThe Wheel of Fortune, Page of Wands, Nine of Swords

Be different.

If you keep on doing things the same way, you’ll keep on getting the same results. It’s obvious and logical, but our emotional impulses don’t run along logical pathways do they. The Nine of Swords and Page of Wands show that you’ve gotten trapped in a rut, a repeat-pattern which is driven and triggered by fear and anxiety- probably unfounded, but none the less compelling and powerful. It’s tough to break free of this ‘mental prison’, because so much of our own psychology is hidden from us, it lies beneath. The rewards of breaking free, however, are so very rich and fulfilling that you are indebted to try. The energy is around you this month to make a break-through.
The Wheel of Fortune asks you to change your behaviour. As much as possible, big and little stuff. Take a new route to work, mix with different people, watch alternative content and read different papers or websites, try a new podcast, take up a fresh hobby. Somewhere in this ‘new news’ is a powerful trigger that will activate a different result in your life and show the way forward.

Your Crystal Prescription: Moonstone

It might be useful for you to really dig deep this month into your own underworld and take a look at what is going on beneath the surface, and, if you're game, Moonstone can be the key to unlocking any cage that you've created for yourself. If, on the other hand, this feels too scary for you, you'll also find comfort in the anti-anxiety, mood balancing energy of Moonstone, which might make it easier for you to try something new.

FIRE Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Death tarot card meaning and alternative jewelleryThe Hermit, Death, The Emperor

A surge of power and progress.

Woah, powerful major arcana cards for you this month, which signifies life-changing events and unseen forces shaping your pathway. The Universe is backing you, and this is a potent time to manifest your ambitions and plans- just be prepared for it all to be B-I-G-G-E-R than you thought!
The Hermit shows you’ve been brewing new news, working on something, getting serious about a project or role, privately and behind closed doors. Death reveals your internal change of mindset or heart is now going to activate the same in your external world, people will SEE the difference, they will FEEL your changed agenda impacting on their opinion on you. The Emperor has you firmly in the driving seat here. How big or fast these transformations manifest relies on how hard and fast you’re prepared to go too. It’s exhilarating to feel so in control and sure of your direction, at long last. Don’t waste this dynamic and forceful energy. Harness it and go make your dreams come true!

Your Crystal Prescription: Sapphire

Wowsers, fire signs, you’re flame is rising high! I’m prescribing Blue Sapphire - a crystal that brings wisdom, dispels confusion and attracts prosperity and wealth with it. If your stock is rising and the universe is backing you then this stone can bring you calm and serenity if you need it and give you prosperity and forward propelling energy too.

EARTH Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

alternative silver jewellery designed and made by hand in the ukThree of Wands, Two of Swords, Eight of Cups

Don’t dwell on it.

Disappointment is a shitty emotion, which has long tentacles, stretching into areas of our lives which have no relevance to its original source, like a persistent and malevolent octopus! The Eight of Cups shows you’ve recently encountered the truth about a situation. Something you had high hopes of, but have had to acknowledge those hopes are unrealistic and not going to come true. It sucks.
The Two of Swords shows this realisation has hit hard, and is starting to ‘infect’ other areas. You’re conscious of feeling anxious about trying again, about taking a chance, about investing emotionally. And it’s paralysing.
The Three of Wands sweeps in this month to help you move forward in a better way. Other people hold the key. Talk to your friends and family about this. Everyone has massive disappointments in their past, and everyone finds a way to get past them. In fact, most people discover the setback was actually preparation for something even better. Allow yourself to open up to others, and to feel led by your best hopes (not worst fears) once more. Better is coming, I promise. Look ahead, rediscover your hope.

Your Crystal Prescription: Opal

Opal is a stone of hope, luck and happiness said to bring optimism and positivity and, Earth signs, it sounds like you need this right now! This iridescent crystal can help you to see your full potential, amplify your self-worth and stimulate your metaphysical gifts as well as bring hope and a feeling of lightness back to you life.

AIR Signs - AquariusLibraGemini

The Tower tarot card meaning new moon tarotscopesThe Lovers, The Tower, Five of Wands

Rebuilding starts here.

Sometimes, stuff has to collapse, crash or fail in order for it to be removed from our life, leaving room for growth and rebuilding (on firm and true foundations). This process can be painful, not gonna’ lie, but it’s necessary and natural, and the pain passes quickly because it was a long time coming. The Tower and Five of Wands show that such an event may come to pass in your world this month: the collapse of a role, relationship, situation or commitment which has long been fading, false or negative. DON’T STRESS. You kinda’ see this coming, but you haven’t had the wherewithal to bring it to an end yourself. The Universe is stepping in, with a wrecking ball, to do the job for you… and it IS for the best.
The Lovers reveals this is something you’ve felt conflicted about for a long-ass time. Imagine what you can now do with all that mental and emotional energy which is released from this? Focus fast on your next goal. Reinvest your energies into something better, and new news and opportunity will FLOOD back in. It’s like ripping off a plaster. Do it fast and let the healing begin. 

Smoky quartz meaning and protecting black tourmaline Your Crystal Prescription: Tourmaline & Smoky Quartz

Whenever I see the tower card I immediately reach for Black Tourmaline! Its protective energy paired with the power to help release you from that which no longer serves means it will be your comforter and straight-talking best friend both at once if you’re facing a tough breakup/breakdown or sweeping change. If you’re feeling anxious or fearful then grounding Black Tourmaline will help send that negative energy back to the earth leaving you feeling more positive and secure. Let’s throw some smoky quartz in the mix as well Air signs, just for some extra grounding energy and to help take the edge off if the stress starts to build.


Kerry Ward of TarotBElla

Kerry Ward is a Nottingham based tarot reader and Cosmopolitan magazine's first tarot expert, with over 20 years experience reading tarot and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading with Kerry, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at or follow her at



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