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October New Moon Tarotscopes

A new moon is a perfect time to make a change, to leave behind what no longer serves you and to call in some fresh, new energy. So in this...

A new moon is a perfect time to make a change, to leave behind what no longer serves you and to call in some fresh, new energy. So in this new tarotscope format, Kerry has pulled two cards for each element, one to guide you on what to release this lunation, and one to suggest changes to call in.

This New moon in Libra is also an eclipse which, alongside Libra’s shapeshifting abilities and desire for harmony and beauty, make this a GREAT New Moon for reinvention of self, makeovers, a step towards a 2.0 version of you - perhaps based on what you have lived through and learned in 2023 so far. Make it a conscious and positive step into a ‘new you’.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

What to release? The Emperor
Let go of imbalanced and unhealthy relationships and connections in your realm. Anything where you feel controlled, under the thumb, or unable to stop or limit yourself in terms of habits or behaviours. Be balanced, be healthy, be moderate. Remove the things which take you to extremes.

What to call in? Two of swords
Clarity to make a big decision that has hung over you for too long now. You are in danger of procrastinating. Ask for guidance, wisdom, and direction. And help the Universe along by doing your own research, discussion, and rumination. Answer the unanswered questions. Get informed and make a choice.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

What to release? Seven of Cups
Let go of overthinking and visualising / imagining the future. You only get to have the present moment so BE present. I know it gets said a lot. It’s true, though. You can’t control the future and you can’t change the past. Outside of scheduling your urgent / important tasks, what else can you really do except live your life here and now. Let go of propelling your mind ahead so often for so long.

What to call in? Three of Cups
Celebrations, parties, socialising, mingling, enjoyment, hobbies, outings, holidays, pleasure jaunts! Yes please! The Three of Cups is a ‘live life well’ nudge, it can’t all be about work and duty. Life is short and we’re here for a good time. Take time out this month ahead to really enjoy your precious time here on Earth! Be conscious about having fun. Welcome in new people, places, and invitations.

Water Signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio)

What to release? The Hermit
Don’t be alone. Don’t be in your own head so much. Don’t be home, pretending to get cosy but actually feeling lonely or left out. The Hermit tells you it’s time to come out of your watery rrealm and mingle more with others. Socialise, visit, reunite, call them, write, message, stop by, pop in. Be around good people and feel your energy levels and confidence reboot.

What to call in? King of Cups
People who are as emotionally intelligent as you are and want to listen, help, support not just take, take, take. You know what I mean. You play the nurturer so often, for so many, that you don’t always get what you need back. Ask for a King of Cups. Ask for a confidant, a loyal friend, a partner who is there 100%. You deserve it. 

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

What to release? The World
A powerful life cycle is coming to a natural conclusion, it be a physical, mental, material, emotional or spiritual one. Something that’s almost like a rite of passage, a coming of age. Make sure to say a proper farewell (by celebrating, processing, and reflecting) to what is passing, as well as welcoming what is coming. 

What to call in? Seven of Coins
Permission to start an evolution away from an old routine / role / relationship / location and towards a replacement option, but one which can be reached by a steady, slightly meandering ‘learn as you go’ path, vs an overnight overhaul. Start to make gentle plans to activate a few changes.

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