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Your June New Moon Tarotscopes

It's Gemini season! And this Gemini New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to welcome in fresh, new, surprising energy. You may find your life overflowing with new friendships, ideas and creative...

It's Gemini season! And this Gemini New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to welcome in fresh, new, surprising energy. You may find your life overflowing with new friendships, ideas and creative projects...
A new moon is a perfect time to make a change, to leave behind what no longer serves you and to call in some fresh, new energy. So, Kerry has pulled two cards for each element, one to guide you on what to release this lunation, and one to suggest changes to call in.
As you read your tarotscopes, do the guidances on what to call in and release bear meaning on those goals?
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Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

What to call in? Page of Cups
Call in your inner child – s/he has a message for you and potentially something to rekindle from your past. A lost passion or hobby, an old talent or interest, a forgotten friendship or family member, a place you once adored. Whatever it is, spark the memory by daydreaming and digging out your photos, records, pictures, and music. Go back…

What to release? Six of Wands

Release the expectation that you have to have the right answers, know exactly what to do, get it all right first time, and impress everyone along the way. Your mind has been over-burdening your spirit with ideals and visions of success and grandeur. Drop it. You are imperfect, flawed, beautiful, magic, and a work in progress. Enjoy the experience, ride the ride, lose the perfectionism.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

What to call in? Three of Swords
Your inner warrior has awakened because someone has taken a liberty, hurt or betrayed you, and it’s time to surgically remove the root cause of this pain so it never bothers you again. Sometimes we have to get tough with others, sometimes it’s easier to do if we imagine an inner twin tackling the issue, protecting us as we wish we were protected. Be your own Knight to the rescue.

What to release? The World
Release a completed goal that you have already gotten to the end of… but are hovering over it, still. Perhaps it feels scary to let go and face the next challenge. Perhaps you feel safe and familiar here. Perhaps you just want a time out from achieving and struggling. Put this project DOWN. Take a break, have a deep breath figuratively. What comes next will emerge in its own time- no pressure.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

What to call in? The Emperor
Time to get bossy, organised, determined, purposeful, and assertive. Don’t take no for an answer. Be demanding. You know what you want to happen / change / manifest, so damn well go out there and get it done. No one is going to do it for you. This is about stepping into your own strength and power and forcing something to manifest. You can do it.

What to release? Ace of Swords
Let go of a hurtful or tender truth that you discovered recently and have been chewing on privately, perhaps overthinking and catastrophising. What’s said is said. Yes, it might be true, but so are other things, and nothing ever stays the same for long. Dynamics changes every day. Clean slate, start over, stop thinking about this, and move on. It’s just a drop in the ocean of your bigger picture.  

Water Signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio)

What to call in? Eight of Coins
Call in your energy, determination, and motivation to get something over the line, done and dusted, and out of your hair for good. It’s been a slog and you’re tired. This is the dark before the dawn, the final push. A breakthrough lies ahead, and the rewards are still waiting, so press on and find your perseverance to finish this job.

What to release? Seven of Swords
Release pro-active connections to anyone you’re not 100% sure about, or who has given you cause to doubt their intentions or goodwill. Some folk are plain shady. You don’t deserve to be preyed upon by people with jealousy, spite, or self-loathing in their soul. Free them from your realm and focus on the good eggs.

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