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Your March New Moon Tarotscopes

This New Moon falls the day after 'the first day of spring', the Spring Equinox. Marking the beginning of a new season of growth and freshness. Persephone has risen from...

This New Moon falls the day after 'the first day of spring', the Spring Equinox. Marking the beginning of a new season of growth and freshness. Persephone has risen from the Underworld, reunited with her mother Demeter, bringing blooms and blossoms back to the Earth.

All New Moons are the perfect time to turn a new leaf. But since this New Moon falls in the sign of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, and comes right at the turn of the season, this one feels especially auspicious.

For this month, my Holy Stone is Moss Agate, a stone of new beginnings and fresh starts, paired with the Ace of Coins.

Read your tarotscope below to find out why you need some Moss Agate in your life right now, and what advice the Ace of Coins card has for you.

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Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.


Ace of coins and page of coins meaning the crystal magic tarot deck with moss agate Ace of Coins and Page of Coins

Education / learning is the theme tune for this New Moon. Planting new seeds and starting courses, workshops, classes, books, podcasts, or practices that teach you something new and maybe even lead to something new in your career. The Page of Coins is the tarot’s student and urges you to take in fresh stimulus, information and refine or acquire a skill. Maybe you’d benefit from some professional advice or a mentor / coach. Who knows what your bag of tricks will yield down the line, so just keep it full!

Your crystal prescription: Moss Agate & Green Flourite

Moss Agate is the stone of growth and new possibilities bursting forth, so harness this power to step into a new phase this New Moon. If learning something new is on the cards, pair Moss Agate with Green Fluorite, which inspires an organised mind, helps you focus, and works as a learning aid to increase your concentration and help you to take in information. I keep a Green Fluorite on my desk at all times to help me focus.


Ace of coins and ten of cups meaning the crystal magic tarot deck with moss agate Ace of Coins and Ten of Cups

Relationship renewal is the goal this New Moon, rekindling bonds and connections that have withered, broken, or been lost in the hurly burly of busy, everyday life. Take a moment, with the loving Ten of Cups, to reflect on any rumbles or ruffles with friends, colleagues, family members, neighbours or even your other half. You can turn the page this New Moon, make a clean slate of it, start anew, forgive and forget, move things along. Wouldn’t that feel great? Yes, it would. So resolve to do it, lead the way.

Your crystal prescription: Moss Agate & Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz brings peace, tenderness, and healing and gently eases any feelings of stress, jealousy, or resentment, so Rose Quartz paired with a Moss Agate is the perfect combo here. Moss Agate is the ultimate fresh start stone, inspiring growth and new possibilities. Some even say that placing a Moss Agate in the soil of a house plant will help the plant grow strong and healthy, so give your relationship the same treatment, nurture it, water it, watch it grow fresh buds.


Ace of coins and high priestess meaning the crystal magic tarot deck with moss agate Ace of Coins and The High Priestess

New ideas and insights are waiting to burst forth from within this New Moon. Your spide-y senses are twitching, your intuitive light is glowing and the Priestess is IN. It’s time to sweep aside the outside world and journey within. Use whatever tools work for you (or try out some new ones)- meditation, deep breathing, mindful nature walks, journalling, scrying, tarot, automatic writing etc… Find a new method to tune in to the valuable wisdom and imaginative ideas brewing in your sub conscious.

Your crystal prescription: Moss Agate & Labradorite

If it's an inner journey you embark upon, let Labradorite be your guide, shaman, and council. Labradorite strengthens psychic ability and awakens your intuition, helping you connect to spiritual guides and access other realms, of yourself and beyond. Pair intuitive Labradorite with Moss Agate, the stone of new beginnings, and you'll be emboldened, excited and positively buzzing to try new ideas and explore new paths on your road to discovery.


Ace of coins and king of coins meaning the crystal magic tarot deck with moss agate Ace of Coins and King of Coins

The King of Coins invites you to start a new era of personal development, ~best self~ work, growth, challenge and improvement, all in the areas of health, wealth and home. Think about what new activity, purpose, roles or interventions you could make in these three areas that would yield a result if you stuck to them. Nothing overnight. This is about steady, sustainable gains. Small habits conducted consistently which add up to a big outcome. You can activate all of this wonderful positivity this New Moon. Make a plan.

Your crystal prescription: Moss Agate & Peridot
Moss Agate’s earthy, optimistic energy inspires new growth and encourages you to try new things. Peridot, a stone of positivity and luck, attracts abundance whilst reminding you to celebrate your wins when they happen. With these two stones together, you'll feel like you can create prosperity and growth in any area you chose, if you put you mind to it. Just look at what you have already achieved, Water signs!


Kerry ard tarot reader

Kerry Ward is a Nottingham based tarot reader, and Cosmopolitan magazine’s FIRST tarot expert, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world. You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at or follow her at @mytarotbella.


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