At Bonearrow we believe in treading lightly as we go. This means that we try to use materials and processes that are as environmentally and ecologically sound as we can.


Most of the silver we use is recycled, meaning it has been melted down from scrap silver to be made into new jewellery.


We use mostly recycled gold wherever possible, and try to ensure that any other gold we use is fair-trade. 


We buy our stones from various suppliers, all of whom we trust. Each of our suppliers have assured us that they buy their stones from people who are paid fairly.


Most of the diamonds I buy are fully traceable from a trusted supplier and originate from an award-winning mine in Botswana with no question of exploitation of labour. The Jwaneng mine (which means 'a place of small stones') is 50% owned by Botswana's government so profits are reinvested back into the infrastructure of the country. When other suppliers are used and I cannot guarantee the traceability of their diamonds, I ensure they are kimberly process certified. You can read more about diamonds here