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Your June 19 Tarotscopes

It's Gemini season, and this June 3rd New Moon is all about daydreaming and exploring 'other' sides of yourself. Forget who you are, who you have become, this is the...

It's Gemini season, and this June 3rd New Moon is all about daydreaming and exploring 'other' sides of yourself. Forget who you are, who you have become, this is the time to change your image, if you want to. Drop your expectations and let yourself dream a new future for yourself. Is there something you always wanted to do? A way you always wished you could live your life? Allow yourself to daydream the life you want to live, and then take a step in that direction.


Kerry Ward from Tarot Bella (and Cosmopolitans resident tarot card slinger) has consulted the cards to bring your monthly 'scopes. Kerry offers her guidance on how to work with the energy you may experience in this new moon cycle and I (Clare, of Bonearrow, first of her name, mother of jewels) write your prescription for the perfect crystals to balance your energy. 

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The twelve signs of the zodiac are categorised into four groups of three signs, each ruled by a particular element. Find your element below to read your tarotscope:

Bonearrow Tarotscopes The 4 ElementsAir - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

The signs ruled by each element are naturally compatible with each other, they ‘get’ each other and share similar values, attitudes and outlooks on life. Birds of a feather fly together. If your coven had a member from each zodiac sign, your other two element signs would be your best witches.

AIR Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air signs new moon in gemini meaning free tarotscope and crystal prescriptionsThe Star, Son of Cups, The Fool

What beautiful cards, Air signs! The Star and The Fool both promise a fresh start this summer- something inspiring and exciting. Something which FEELS better than it perhaps looks on paper i.e. it might not be entirely ‘sensible’… In this endeavour, the higher you aim, the better the outcome. So this is a time to be FULL of self-confidence and optimism and to invest your whole self in this new chapter. The Knight of Cups reinforces this is something you feel emotional about, even if, rationally, it has flaws. Travel and adventure may be involved, romance too. So this could be a new relationship which absorbs you, even though others might raise an eyebrow. It could be a journey or change of home. It could be a new role in life which feels authentically ‘you’. It could be the love of your life. Open up to opportunity, follow your dreams, tune in to your deepest desires, trust that the Universe is ready to grant you a wish-come-true… don’t waste it.

Your Crystal Prescription: Topaz

If you watched our little igtv series on Tarot cards and crystals you know I associate the card The Star with Topaz. Topaz is a joyous crystal of abundance and good fortune. It directs energy to where it is needed and helps you tap into inner resources and light the path ahead so you can easily see your way to reach your goals and discover your own inner riches. A beautiful stone of honesty and love. Harness the energy of Topaz this new moon and embrace any changes that come your way with positivity and joy.

WATER Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water signs new moon in gemini meaning free tarotscope and crystal prescriptionsFour of Swords, Strength, Eight of Wands

This month it’s all about balance. Conflicting forces are pulling on your resources. On the one hand, the Eight of Wands brings you many opportunities, invitations and options. You could be out and about, making moves and broadening your horizons morning, noon and night all month long. But, on the other hand, you feel tired and ready for a rest. The Four of Swords is the Universe’s ‘sick note’, and suggests you need to withdraw from the world, and find some peace and quiet to restore your spirits in.
You CAN make this work, though. Strength is the key card. Your reserves are deeper than you think, so you can engage with the stuff you think is most inspiring and interesting. What you MUST do, however, is commit equal dollops of time into your own RnR. For every external commitment you make, you must make an equal commitment to your own relaxation, rest and recovery. In this way, you can both reboot AND enjoy some amazing opportunities. Balance is the key.

Your Crystal Prescription: Garnet

If you need re-energising and regenerating, Garnet is the stone you need. Garnet balances energy, whichever way you need it, bringing serenity when you need to be calm and passion when you need motivation. If you're a self-sabotager or resistant to opportunities that may be good for you, Garnet can help let go of useless behaviour patterns and replace them with self-confidence, inner strength courage.

FIRE Signs - Leo, Sagittarius, Aries

Fire signs new moon in gemini meaning free tarotscope and crystal prescriptionsThe Magician, The Hermit, Five of Pentacles

You might not believe it, but many of our finest hours come from a place of adversity. Hardship can be character building, freeing, stimulating… so don’t fear the darkness, my friend. The Five of Coins shows you have encountered loss and pain, and that the ‘silver lining’ of this event is soon to be revealed. This is something you’ve nursed privately, as shown by The Hermit, absorbing life lessons and wisdom in your own headspace. You’ve kept your own counsel on this matter and somehow known that sad though it was, it happened for a reason. It did, you were right. And The Magician now enters your world with inspiring ideas about how to turn this new-found wisdom and insight into something wonderful, fulfilling and rewarding in your current world. It could be a piece of art, a new project or course of education, a change of home or location, an investment in yourself which you know will prove satisfying. It’s not necessarily a direct answer to the pain you’ve endured, but, in a more roundabout way, you can connect the dots to see its origin in something from your past.
Enjoy this silver lining, you’ve earned it. 

Your Crystal Prescription: Sapphire

Hardship brings wisdom, as does introspection, and these cards are all about that, so I'm prescribing Sapphire, 'The Wisdom Stone' for you Fire signs. Sapphire brings peace and calms the mind releasing depression and frustration. Blue Sapphire promotes self-expression and brings prosperity, attracting gifts of all kinds. Just the silver lining you're looking for. 

EARTH Signs - Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

Earth signs new moon in gemini meaning free tarotscope and crystal prescriptionsThe High Priestess, Six of Swords, Two of Swords

An extremely important decision is hanging over you, as shown by the procrastinating Two of Swords. It’s time to face into the good, bad and ugly aspects of this choice and consciously commit to whatever course of action you’re going to take. *SPOILER* the Six of Swords hints that it might be to move on / away from something / one / place. This card is about departures, necessary ones which are actually not half as sad as you fear. There is healing involved in the process of letting go, and a sense of renewal and even optimism for what may now follow.
Deep down, Earth signs, you know what this is all about. The High Priestess represents secret knowledge, kept within the realm of intuition and instincts, the hunches you have (and maybe sometimes suppress). Tune in to your emotions, and follow them to their source. It is at this level that you will find the truth to your situation, and the insight to help you decide what to do.
Don’t shy away from this crossroads. The sooner you pass through it, the faster life will regain its momentum.

Your Crystal Prescription: Onyx

When I have a decision to make, Onyx is my go to crystal. Onyx is supportive and strength-giving in confusing or difficult times and can help to align your energy with a higher power. Onyx can help you be a master of your own fortune by keeping your own counsel and learning the lessons you need to take you forward. Get yourself some Onyx, my friend, and you'll know what to do.


Kerry Ward of TarotBElla

Kerry Ward is a Nottingham based tarot reader and Cosmopolitan magazine's first tarot expert, with over 20 years experience reading tarot and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading with Kerry, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at or follow her at


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