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JUNE: Strawberry Quartz & The Page of Cups

This month's New Moon brings a solar eclipse, the perfect (and most powerful) time for making positive change. Also, the Full Moon that falls on Thursday the 24th is named the...

Strawberry Quartz meaning - happy, light energyThis month's New Moon brings a solar eclipse, the perfect (and most powerful) time for making positive change. Also, the Full Moon that falls on Thursday the 24th is named the 'Strawberry Moon' so how could I not source some of an old favourite crystal for this month's Holy Stone - Strawberry Quartz!

Strawberry Quartz has a light, joyful energy that helps you to lighten up and feel more spontaneous, more playful and brighter. This energy feels just like the Page (or Daughter) of cups in the Tarot, so this month Kerry has looked at which areas of your life could use some Page of Cups and Strawberry Quartz vibes and where you might need to lighten up. 

Strawberry Quartz and The Page of Cups both represent lightening up your thought processes, seeing the funny side of things, creating loving environments, pursuing wholesome and creative activities, and living joyfully in the now.

Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.


Page of Cups and Ace of Wands

New hobby.

The Page of Cups coupling with the Ace of Wands is absolute cosmic permission to ignite a new creative project, study something inspiring, or seek a role in life or work that will enable you to express yourself openly, authentically and creatively. You NEED mental and intellectual stimulation, and this card combo suggest it’s via creative routes that you can find that this month.  This isn’t anything heavy, serious or necessarily career-focused either- this can be pure FUN. Pure joy. Pure indulgence in something you find easy, natural, motivating and rewarding. Get a new hobby or find a new outlet for your powerful intellect and imagination


Page of Cups and The World

Travel bug.

The Page of Cups coupling with The World is a massive nudge to travel. I know, I know, things are tricky and uncertain right now, but within the realms of possibility- go ~out out~ and explore the parts of this world you’re allowed to (even if it’s local). It’s through experiencing different places, cultures, people and activity, beyond your front door, that you mentally and emotionally broaden your horizons, and change your outlook and sense of possibility and freedom. It will lighten you up because you’ll see the potential in life. This world is bigger than any of us, and our options are endless. You can do anything, you know. Remind yourself how big and full of potential the world is by going and seeing something new. Even making plans for the future will help- get out the atlas and pick a spot, and research it. You are meant to go further than you think is possible.


Page of Cups and Six of Swords

Draw a line.

The Page of Cups coupling with the Six of Swords suggests there is a ~heaviness~ in your life which has been dragging you down, undermining your sunny, funny side, and bringing a negative, or even toxic, energy to your world. It’s time to cut ties with it, leave, move on, draw a line, bring it to a close, shut it DOWN. And this card combo promises it won’t be as hard or bad as you fear- because NOW is the right time. Do the deed, and then refocus on a series of playful, entertaining and joyful things you’ve scheduled to look forward to. One weekend of distracting, pleasurable sun and fun, and all of this angst will be in your rear-view mirror. Clean slate.


Page of Cups and Five of Cups

Don’t dwell on the past.

The Page of Cups coupling with the Five of Cups is a nudge that you need to distract yourself right now with some major fun, wholesome, creative and joyful activity. A whole week of self-care and good times- sounds good right? Yes it does.
Why do you need this? The Five of Cups shows you need a little reminder that life is for enjoyment and pleasure, not just hard work or duty. You can veer to the ~all work and no play~ side of the scale. Furthermore, the Five of Cups has you mourning, grieving or regretting something in your past, and this has seeped into your emotional landscape and is causing unnecessary pain. It’s over now anyway, and there’s nothing to be done. Release the past, and remind yourself of why life is great, and you’ve got it all to go for. A ~dose~ of fun will redress this imbalance, and restore your positive, go-getting mood.


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