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October Tarotscopes

Since it's now October and things are getting a little darker, so have our tarotscopes; we're using Amrit Brar's Marigold Tarot deck this month. As always, Kerry Ward from Tarot Bella brings you this moonths...

October tarotscopes and crystal prescriptions

Since it's now October and things are getting a little darker, so have our tarotscopes; we're using Amrit Brar's Marigold Tarot deck this month. As always, Kerry Ward from Tarot Bella brings you this moonths four week forecast for your element. Kerry offers her guidance on how to work with the energy you may experience in this new moon cycle and I (Clare, of Bonearrow, first of her name, mother of jewels) write your prescription for the perfect crystals to balance your energy. 

Find your element below to read your tarotscope. 

The twelve signs of the zodiac are categorised into four groups of three signs, each ruled by a particular element:

air, water, earth and fire elementsAir - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capircorn.
Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

The signs ruled by each element are naturally compatible with each other, they ‘get’ each other and share similar values, attitudes and outlooks on life. Birds of a feather fly together. If your coven had a member from each zodiac sign, your other two element signs would be your best witches.

AIR Signs - Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Five of Swords, The Fool, Two of SwordsAir signs Tarot cards

Endings don’t have to be sad, you know, and withdrawing from things isn’t always a loss. The powerful cut-throat energy of the Five of Swords demands that you identify a no-win situation you’ve been embroiled with… and you cut your losses on it. Brutal. Direct.
Another Sword omen, the Two, reveals you’ve long wished for this release, in a way, anyway, even though you may have felt fearful of the consequences.
Welcome in your major arcana card (i.e. message form the Universe) this month- The Fool. He is holding your hand, throughout this process, and actually pulling you away from the situation. He has wonderful sights to show you, jewels to offer, ideas to breathe life into. Where you have made space in your life (by ending something draining), he is bringing you fresh opportunity and inspiration to replace it. Embrace his energy and turn your gaze quickly from what you’ve ended to what you could, and will, begin.
This is the start of a new chapter.

Tiger's Eye crystal prescription and satellite ringYour Crystal Prescription: This month, let Tiger's Eye guide you to move forward and move on. Known as the all seeing, all knowing, Tiger's Eye can help clarify your inner vision and bring understanding as to why things are happening, perhaps revealing hidden truths. Embrace this truth and let Tiger's Eye embolden you on your journey with it's grounding, protecting energy and kick start a new chapter in your life.

WATER Signs- Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces

Ace of Rings, Nine of Cups, Two of WandsThe Marigold Tarot and Jade

The Universe, with the practical Ace of Coins and the imaginative Nine of Cups, is gifting you with a “seed” to plant this Hallowe’en which has the potential to grow into a transforming force in your life. A positive, rewarding and magical chapter… which you sow the seed for NOW. A Future You is watching this process carefully, can you hear what s/he’s advising? Tune in to your powerful intuition because it can hear the faint calls from the future.
The Two of Wands indicates there’s an element of choice here. You may have two, or more, options that fit the bill. Choose wisely. Reflect and consider the future impact each option could yield. But, don’t OVER think it, because you may start to procrastinate. Go with your instincts.
It all starts HERE.

Jade crystals and Jade Satellite ring by Bonearrow JewelleryYour Crystal Prescription: Jade, an ancient stone of luck and prosperity, brings wisdom by helping you to known yourself and tune in to your own inner wisdom. If you're stuck or feeling lost and can't seem to find the path to your future, let Jade offer a soft hand of guidance. If you know the way you want to go but need help realising negative thoughts and self limiting beliefs, Jade brings the self confidence you may need to put your dreams and ambitions into action.

FIRE Signs - Leo, Aries, Sagittarius

The High Priestess, Five of Rings, Seven of SwordsThe Marigold Tarot and labradorite by Bonearrow

Are you ready to take an internal journey through your subconscious, with the mystical High Priestess? She’s waiting for you, beneath the surface, to guide you through the swamps and oceans of your subterranean feelings and thoughts. There’s something there, some buried treasure, which will help you now. She is your guide, guardian and assistant in this quest. Simply give your mind the time and space to go on this journey. Do what relaxes you, and she will appear. Follow her.
The theme of the quest, as shown by the Five of Coins and Seven of Swords, is a secret loss or regret you’ve harboured for too long. Although buried, it still has power and these tendrils have been weaving their way into your current mindset and behaviours. It’s time to acknowledge, address and untangle these pesky emotional triffids. Team up with the Priestess, and swim down to tackle this situation. Your mission is ready to begin.

Labradorite palm stonesYour Crystal Prescription: If it's an inner journey you embark upon, let Labradorite be your guide, shaman and council. Powerfully protective, Labradorite strengthens psychic ability and awakens your intuition, helping you connect to spiritual guides and access other realms, of your self and beyond. Try meditating with a labradorite in your palm and The High Priestess in your gaze and see what answers from within come forth.

EARTH Signs - Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

Earth signs tarotscope - The Marigold Tarot deck and AmethystTemperance, Knight of Swords, Five of Cups

Conflicting, duelling forces are reshaping your mindset and priorities into a “new normal” this October. A tether to a past regret, Five of Cups, is resisted with equal strength by a desire to forge headlong into a new, brighter future- Knight of Swords. Your emotions are all mixed up, and you can’t seem to settle or feel your usual earthy contentment and harmony in your own skin.
It’s all happening for a reason. You’re processing your feelings so that they are acknowledged, atoned for and filed away where they no longer bother you, leaving you free to forge on with the bold and brave Knight of Swords.
Temperance is your teacher, then, this Hallowe’en. Have the patience to let this process unfold: to resist frustration and have faith that all this emotional churning is drawing you towards a new understanding of what has happened, why, and what it means you could do now. Let Temperance nudge you in a new direction, with an evolved mindset, and you’ll soon feel happy in your own skin once again.

Amethyst - Earth sign tarotscopes for OctoberYour Crystal Prescription: Some people believe that crystals appear to us as we need them. If this is so, it's no wonder that Amethyst is one of the most abundant. A cure-all, a healer, Amethyst in it's infinite wisdom will transform negative energy around you to positive, giving you the power you need to move on and stay strong. Place an Amethyst next to your bed before you go to sleep tonight and awake tomorrow to a fresh new world, reborn with the first sliver of the new moon.

Kerry Ward of Tarot BellaKerry Ward is a Nottingham based tarot reader and Cosmopolitan magazine's first tarot expert, with over 20 years experience reading tarot and many happy clients all over the world.
You can book a personal, written reading with Kerry, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at or follow her at





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