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Your September New Moon Tarotscopes

This month's Holy Stone is the happy, hippy Opal. Embodying love, happiness and spontaneity Opal energy perfectly matches the Ace of Wands card, so Kerry has paired this with another...

fairy illustration holding an opal in the woods

This month's Holy Stone is the happy, hippy Opal. Embodying love, happiness and spontaneity Opal energy perfectly matches the Ace of Wands card, so Kerry has paired this with another card pulled from her deck to bring you your tarotscopes for this New Moon in Virgo.

The Ace of Wands is all about making a change which authentically inspires you and reflects your best qualities and talents. What is your optimistic and inspiring new beginning? To find out, find your element below and see what the cards have in store for you.

Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.


Ace of Wands, Eight of Wands

Ace of Wands coupling with Eight of Wands reveals that communication is your theme of the month, and the place where you can make the most positive difference in your life. Opening up more, with different people, in a more intimate and wide-ranging way will bring in such a flood of new energy and ideas that you will wish you’d done it sooner. You can be very private, sometimes closed off, and it prevents ~new news~ reaching you. Open up, let others have input, and be amazed what wonderful ideas this process creates.

How Opal can help: Opal is a stone which amplifies happiness, optimism and spontaneity. Wear one in new situations or when you're meeting new people to help you feel optimistic and positive. The alluring glow of a little opal on your finger might give you just the boost of confidence you need.


Ace of Wands, Page of Cups

Ace of Wands coupling with Page of Cups shows that you should take a creative course this month, research a new craft or imaginative skill that really excites you, that you’d be proud and thrilled to be able to do. We are all lifelong students, learning always does us good, and creativity is a healing, soothing gift. This creative pastime is something that you loved or were interested in as a child, maybe you already tried it but time and life got in the way of pursuing it. Reactivate that passion now. Activate a new creative skill this month, Air signs!

How Opal can help: If you need a dose of courage or self-esteem to give you a push to do something you've always wanted to Opal can give you that burst of positive, spontaneous energy you're looking for. Full of good vibes, Opal can make you feel confident and give your self-worth a much needed boost.Start something new and wear one on your first day.


Ace of Wands, Two of Cups

Ace of Wands coupling with Two of Cups reveals your love life is centre stage right now, and is due a major rekindling. You are, of all the signs, the most focused on relationships, and they are the priority in your world. You crave intimacy and intensity with others. Draw closer to those you love, like and admire this month, let them know how you feel, reach out to people who intrigue you, reward those who stand by you. Be positive, spontaneous and warm to people around you, and the feelings will be reciprocated in a beautiful way.

How Opal can help: What better stone to amplify positive vibes than Opal! Opal energy is all about feeling the love, spreading joy and infusing everything you do with light and love. Let your happy heart shine forth with an Opal around your neck this month and see how you light up every room you walk into.


Ace of Wands, Five of Swords

Ace of Wands coupling with the Five of Swords shows you are about to heal a deep and painful rift in your life. The ideas, inspiration, insight, and determination to mend what was broken and repair the split will all flow to you naturally, and it will seem obvious (and easy) what to say and how to approach ~them~. This was a war of words, a clash of ideas, a disagreement over something abstract or ideological. It’s not AS personal as you thought, and you can both agree to disagree.

How Opal can help: Well, Fire signs, if you need a crystal to help you lighten the mood, or feel a bit more positive about someone or a situation, Opal can certainly help. Opal amplifies your self worth so can give you the confidence and assurance you need to realise that actually you can rise above and float away from conflict or disagreements whilst also filling your with positivity and loving energy.


Kerry Ward is a Nottingham based tarot reader, and Cosmopolitan magazine’s FIRST tarot expert, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world. You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at or follow her at @mytarotbella.

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