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Your September New Moon Tarotscopes and Crystal Prescriptions

This Virgo New Moon is the perfect time for starting a new project or re-energising something and since Virgo is the master planner of the zodiac this new moon energy...

September new moon in virgo tarotscopes by element

This Virgo New Moon is the perfect time for starting a new project or re-energising something and since Virgo is the master planner of the zodiac this new moon energy should help you feel enthused to tidy-up, reorganise and clear the decks. Every now and then one crystal comes through as a clear need for each element and this month that crystal was Malachite, the transformer. So I'veprescribedd it for 3 of the 4 elements.

What transformations do you need to make this month?

Kerry Ward from Tarot Bella (and Cosmopolitans resident tarot card slinger) has consulted the cards to bring your monthly 'scopes. Kerry offers her guidance on how to work with the energy you may experience in this new moon cycle and I (Clare, of Bonearrow, first of her name, mother of jewels) write your prescription for the perfect crystals to balance your energy. 

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The twelve signs of the zodiac are categorised into four groups of three signs, each ruled by a particular element. Find your element below to read your tarotscope:

Bonearrow Tarotscopes The 4 ElementsAir - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

The signs ruled by each element are naturally compatible with each other, they ‘get’ each other and share similar values, attitudes and outlooks on life. Birds of a feather fly together. If your coven had a member from each zodiac sign, your other two element signs would be your best witches.

EARTH Signs - Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

September new moon in virgo tarotscopes Earth SignsThe Magician, King of Cups, Four of Pentacles

Get out of the rut.

Get ready to shake things up a bit, Earth signs, even though that is NOT your favoured approach to life! The Four of Coins shows you’ve gotten into a rut somehow, somewhere. It’s safe and familiar in there, even though you long for change and new scenery. Well, only you can make a move OUT of it, and NOW is the time. The King of Cups asks you to follow your emotions and feelings to identify the location of the rut. It’s a place where you feel disgruntled, bored, maybe even a little ashamed. Its reign is over, anyhow, and you’re going to dig your way out.
The Magician shows the exit route is found by simply activating something inspiring and new in your life. A fresh activity or relationship which diverts all the energy and lifeforce you’ve been keeping stored in your rut! Without even making an effort or feeling uncomfortable, your focus and priorities will shift and you’ll move on easily once again. Look for something new.

onyx crystal meaning malachite meaningYour Crystal Prescription: Onyx and Malachite

Bringing you strength of mind, Onyx will show you what is weighing you down and help you let go and release it from your life. Combine this with Malachite which will lend you the encouragement and support you need to remove negative, stagnant energy. As Malachite is a kind, loving stone that brings commitment and forgiveness it will cheer you on into taking action to make the changes you need to in your life and help you to stop holding yourself back. 

AIR Signs - Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

September new moon in virgo tarotscopes Air SignsNine of Swords, Four of Swords, The Lovers

Face down a fear.

You’ve been worrying about something and keeping it bottled up inside, where it has grown out of all proportion. The Nine of Swords is an ‘anxiety’ card and urges you to talk about this unspoken fear in the cold light of day. Drag it out of the shadows and see it for what it truly is. It’s not HALF as onerous as you fear, and when you hear yourself describing it out loud, you’ll realise this. The Four of Swords advises a little ‘time out’ chapter once you’ve put this concern to bed. Your poor brain has been whirring on overdrive with all this (and it whirs pretty darned fast anyway), and you’re due a period of rest and restoration. Take the time to relax and go on a mental vacation, away from worries and problems. You need and deserve it.
The Lovers shows that the end result here will be a new outlook on the whole situation. Whatever has bothered you, or whatever you’ve felt conflicted about, will clear up. It will suddenly seem obvious what you should do, and you’ll have the energy and motivation to just get on and do it.

smoky quartz meaning aquamarine crystal  meaningYour Crystal Prescription: Smoky Quartz and Aquamarine

Smoky Quartz is exactly what you need this month! This crystal will shine a bright light on any negative patterns that are pulling you down so you can see that they no longer serve you and let them go. Any bad vibes you're feeling will be transmuted into positive energy and you'll be feeling better about whatever the situation is in no time. Bring in Aquamarine to help you calm the waters, bring closure and filter out stress. These 2 crystals together will clear the air and make you feel positive and invigorated.

WATER Signs - Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

September new moon in virgo tarotscopes water SignsThe Wheel of Fortune, The Hermit, Five of Pentacles

Change is afoot.

Things are going to change, you know, and (psychic that you are) I bet you can feel it coming. The Wheel of Fortune is the tarot’s transformation card, one push on that wheel will start it spinning and creating new news and change across your whole life. The Five of Coins reveals that whatever you feel has been lost or squandered recently will be replaced. It reassures you that anything negative you’ve faced is now over, and this month sees you given the chance to turn the page and start a fresh chapter. Seize the day and go with the flow, don’t resist the tide or you’ll just wear yourself down to no avail.
The Hermit hints that much of this change is internal and private. Others probably won’t notice that there’s much going on, but you will feel it inside. Everything starts within, with our feelings and priorities. Yours are going to change and realign in a new (better) configuration to help you optimise the opportunities which lie ahead. The ‘old you’ probably wouldn’t have spotted, or acted upon, them. The ‘new you’ most certainly will!

malachite crystal and chrysocolla meaningYour Crystal Prescription: Malachite and Chrysocolla

Malachite is one of the most powerful transformational crystals. If times they are a-changing, Malachite can help you deal. If you have difficult emotions to navigate, Malachite will support you through it and bring you out the other side, ready for a new beginning, where we'll hand you over to Chyrsocholla. This wise, deep-green stone can help you feel motivated to bring about a new beginning and help manifest your future dreams to reality. See, change isn't so bad when you have a little crystal cheerleader on your finger!

FIRE Signs - Sagittarius, Aries, Leo

September new moon in virgo tarotscopes Fire SignsThe Tower, Queen of Pentacles, Six of Wands

Face the music.

So, you’ve got The Tower this month which hints that something is going to kick OFF. Now, don’t worry or panic, because it’s something which is necessary and will move you into a better position than you’re in right now. The Tower sweeps away false, fading and negative energy- even if it does it in a slightly brutal way. Brace yourself, Fire signs!
The Queen of Coins hints it might be to do with money, spending, work or material possessions. It’s not your love life (thank the lord) or family, but something more worldly and practical. You know how you’re a bit whiffy with money?... weelll, maybe it’s time to shape up there! The Six of Wands is a reassurance that this is ALL for the best, the Universe has brought you to this exact spot for a reason, and the life lesson/consequences are for your benefit long-term.
So, take a deep breath and face whatever comes. Trust it’s going to end well. It IS.

what is smoky quartz used for and malachite meaning Your Crystal Prescription: Smoky Quartz and Malachite

Fellow fire signs, I’m prescribing you a double whammy of Malachite and Smoky Quartz. If the tower is saying you’ve got some major change coming your way, then you need Malachite to help you navigate that change, leave what is no longer needed behind and bring the emotional balance you need to move forward. Smoky Quartz brings a double dose of negativity energy clearing, used along with Malachite it can bring the clarity you need to see what no longer serves you. Use these 2 crystals together to ground that negative energy back to the earth and sweep in a clean, refreshing burst of positivity.


Kerry Ward of TarotBElla

Kerry Ward is a Nottingham based tarot reader and Cosmopolitan magazine's first tarot expert, with over 20 years experience reading tarot and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading with Kerry, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at or follow her at


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