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Your April Black Moon Tarotscopes

Welcome to the second New Moon of April - a rare 'Black Moon' that won't happen again until May 2023. The New Moon that falls on April 30th is also the beginning of eclipse...

Welcome to the second New Moon of April - a rare 'Black Moon' that won't happen again until May 2023. The New Moon that falls on April 30th is also the beginning of eclipse season, the first eclipse of the year, where partial solar eclipse will be visible over parts of Antarctica and South America.

Eclipses are known for bringing rapid changes and unexpected plot twists, so get ready for your world to be rocked! This New Black Moon in Taurus might bring changes in our material world, our homes or places of work and may bring into focus the way we feel about those things as well as our own self-worth and things we value.

Find your element below to read what cards Kerry has pulled for you this lunation and what crystals you might need to in your arsenal.

Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.


Two of Coins, Nine of Coins, The Fool

You're ready for renewal and it's coming for sure- with the new beginnings patron saint The Fool. And it's stuff which is going to impact your long-term future positively, you're investing, building and creating. You're making sacrifices which will pay off handsomely, the Nine of Coins asks you to do everything for a ~future you~.

The Two of Coins offer more advice- bring in abundance, seek variety, hedge your bets, put your eggs in lots of baskets, do it all, start a thousand new threads. Some will fail, some will unravel, some will lead to something else. Give yourself the best possible chance of future prosperity by spreading your interests around a lot of different things.

You're creating a secure and prosperous future.

Your crystal prescription: Green Aventurine

Not only is green aventurine the perfect stone for new beginnings, it is also adundance attracting, so, Earth signs, this is the crystal for you this month. Green Aventurine is full of positive energy that perfectly matches the optimism and enthusiasm of The Fool and attracts prosperity, enhances creativity and stimulates perception. And, if you want a new beginning but can’t seem to work out how happen, Green Aventurine can help you see alternative possibilities, which means you may find opportunity where you werent expecting to...


Five of Coins, The High Priestess, Five of Swords

The greatest battle you face right now is within your own self. Your heart and mind are conflicted, and you're trying to come to an equilibrium. The duelling forces of Five of Swords and Five of Coins show you getting frustrated with an inability to heal, resolve something, let go, move on, process a loss or setback. Emotionally you're still all churned up, even though you're mentally aching to release this dead weight and move ahead to new pastures.

Pause a while. Sit with these feelings, they just want your attention- that's all. They haven't finished teaching you what you could learn here. They want a day of your time. The High Priestess asks you to meditate, journal, talk, listen. Ask for a life lesson here, and it will emerge.

Your crystal prescription: Smoky Quartz

My dear Air Signs, I think you need some earthy healing from the grounding, de-stressing, comforting Smoky Quartz. Not only does Smoky Quartz turn negative energy into positive, it helps you let go of that which does not serve you, including grief, fear, and resentment, so if you need to move on from something or release a 'dead' weight', this is the crystal to help you do so. 


The World, Eight of Cups, Ten of Coins

You've under-estimated yourself and you've been aiming for a goal which, actually, is infeasible and also, dare I say, beneath your potential too. You're aiming at the wrong thing. And the Eight of Cups is bringing this realisation to you this New Moon.

The World and Ten of Coins are powerful cards of ultimate achievement and fulfilling your potential. That journey starts NOW.  

You are going to put things in motion now that truly project you into your niche, your area of expertise, your victory zone. 

You have not pursued your heart's desire, for fear of failure or others' opinions. All of that angst will fall away and you'll see clearly what you want to do. And, importantly, the confidence to do it will surge up. this is a really powerful and significant, life-changing turning point.

Your crystal prescription: Emerald & Rose Quartz

A magnet for good fortune, luck and abundance, Emerald inspires positive action by eliminating negativity and raising consciousness. Pair that with Rose Quartz which is stone of self-love, emotional stability, and contentment and you'll be in a great position to realise exactly what it is that you want from your life and how to achieve it. This duo of gentle, loving and positive crystals are the perfect pair to bring you the confidence you need this lunation.


Nine of Swords, Ace of Cups, Temperance

You've been worrying about your relationship landscape, the bonds you rely on, the people you love. The Nine of Swords shows this has been a private pursuit, no one knows how anxious you truly feel here. Why not? 

Temperance reveals this has been a necessary re-balancing and adjustment to changing circumstances. People change. We can't force them to be how we wish they were. We have to live with others' choices and actions. You've been struggling here, but things are coming good again. You understand more than ever.

The Ace of Cups reveals a joyful and healing rekindling of the bonds you worried were weakening. A new appreciation and understanding emerges, which re-confirms these ARE ~your people~ after all. Celebrate love.

Your crystal prescription: Cobalto Calcite

Oh Fire Signs! It's not like you to worry and whittle! It sounds like you need a does of Cobalto Calcite right now. This beautiful bright pink, joyous crystal has boundless positive, loving energy and brings a burst of self-belief and happiness, reminding you that you are not just worthy of love but can be such a beacon of positive vibes that you can’t fail to attract the same bright, loving energy back to you.


Kerry Ward is a Nottingham based tarot reader, and Cosmopolitan magazine’s FIRST tarot expert, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world. You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at or follow her at @mytarotbella.


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