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Your New Moon in Gemini Tarotscopes

The winds of change blow in as the New Moon sits in the sign of Gemini. It feels kind of fitting that a storm is blowing fresh, cool air as...

New Moon in Gemini Tarotscopes the wild unknown

The winds of change blow in as the New Moon sits in the sign of Gemini. It feels kind of fitting that a storm is blowing fresh, cool air as we celebrate a new moon phase in the zodiac's most high energy air sign. Open the windows of your soul and let this fresh blast of air sweep out the old and bring in the new.

Kerry Ward from Tarot Bella (and Cosmopolitans resident tarot card slinger) has consulted the cards to bring your monthly 'scopes. Kerry offers her guidance on how to work with the energy you may experience in this new moon cycle and I (Clare, of Bonearrow, first of her name, mother of jewels) write your prescription for the perfect crystals to balance your energy. 

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The twelve signs of the zodiac are categorised into four groups of three signs, each ruled by a particular element. Find your element below to read your tarotscope:

Bonearrow Tarotscopes The 4 ElementsAir - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

The signs ruled by each element are naturally compatible with each other, they ‘get’ each other and share similar values, attitudes and outlooks on life. Birds of a feather fly together. If your coven had a member from each zodiac sign, your other two element signs would be your best witches.

AIR Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The Wheel of Fortune, King of Swords, The Sun

Step into a new world.

Powerful and positive cards this New Moon, so buckle up for a fresh start and a clean slate in your life, and one which feels AMAZING. The Wheel of Fortune shows things are a-changing, big time, and in multiple areas, like a domino effect. Brace yourself for this, because there’s always a few teething problems with new circumstances or people. The Sun, however, is a fabulous omen that this is all leading to a new, sun-filled and joyous chapter in your life. This is one of the tarot’s most positive cards, and is like a shimmery portal, a doorway to a new you, a better version. The King of Swords reveals the key to the door is an intellectual one. This is a mental or creative pursuit of yours, something which inspires and intrigues you. Maybe a new role, project or even job. Step up and step forward with confidence, because this is exactly what you’re MEANT to be doing. Have faith and step into s (new) world.

Your Crystal Prescription: Labradorite

A stone of transformation and intuition, Labradorite can bring serendipity and synchronicity into your life to bring about great change. This ever-changing colour stone strengthens psychic ability and awakens your intuition, helping you connect to spirit guides and access other realms, of your self and beyond. If you want to tap into your own divine power Air signs, this is the crystal for you.

WATER Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

King of Cups, Page of Swords, The World

Personal growth.

You can feel that things have changed, and that something you’ve been involved with for a long time is drawing to a natural conclusion and coming to fruition. The World is the tarot’s final card and visits us when a cycle is ending, ready to be replaced by a fresh one. You can’t fight the tide, so don’t. Accept that you’re evolving and, better still, feel enthused and excited for what lies ahead. The King of Cups shows this will be an emotional time. But you will feel in control of things, and you will feel a deep sense of peace and acceptance as events unfold. The Page of Swords reveals the more you lean into this shift, and go with its flow, the better and easier it will be. Resistance just slows things down and makes your transition from one chapter to the next harder. Recognise where you’ve felt ~growing pains~, and realise they’re happening to prepare you for change and growth. Get ready to move on. And feel better than ever.

Your Crystal Prescription: Green Moss Agate

All of nature is cyclical. The seasons come and go, after death comes birth, after birth comes death. Green Moss Agate helps us to remember this and can strengthen your connection to nature bringing a sense of acceptance and peace. Just like a long walk in deep woodland, Moss Agate’s stabilising, optimistic energy reduces stress, balances the emotions and inspires growth. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, depressed or lethargic, this stone will help to brighten your mood and bring in new beginnings. 

FIRE Signs - Leo, Sagittarius, Aries

Six of Coins, The Lovers, Five of Swords


You’re feeling fickle and out of sorts this New Moon, as shown by the conflicted and confusing card, The Lovers. One minute: hot, then cold. All guns blazing, then silence. You veer from feeling full of good intentions and keen to do your best and help others, like a good Brownie Guide, as shown by the generous Six of Coins. But then a darker, irritable and malcontent mood surfaces, with the Five of Swords. You feel like picking a fight. You want to argue and scrap, you want to shout and scream.
Which is the ~real you~ right now? Well, all of them my friend. And you are not your moods, they are a passing cloud, a fleeting feeling, and you can learn to detach from your urges and just let it be. Stay calm, stay quiet, relax, rest, meditate, think. Sometimes, when you don’t know what to do for the best, doing nothing is the best thing. This month ahead, don’t feel you need to make any big changes or decisions. Go with the flow and find your balance again, you’ll soon get back on-kilter.

Your Crystal Prescription: Moonstone 

I prescribed Moonstone for everyone last New Moon but I'm prescribing it for you again this month, Fire Signs, because I really can't think of a better stone for you for balancing emotions and bringing you the peace and calm you need. Moonstone is a mood balancer, an anti-anxiety remedy and a soul soother. Try carrying some around with you, or better still wearing a piece or sleeping with some under your pillow. 

EARTH Signs - Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

Four of Cups, Two of Wands, Nine of Swords

Return to the light.

Your usual clear-eyed perception of life has been clouded recently by a lens of sadness and regrets; everything just looks bleaker, duller, negative. The Four of Cups and Nine of Swords shows that this has been a private and personal shift, triggered by a series of events and changes which, with each twist, have sunk their fangs deeper into your subconscious. You feel drained, and ~meh~ about life.
This isn’t you. This is a mood, not a reality. And it’s a mood you CAN shake off, and this New Moon grants you the motivation and energy to do just that.
Thank goodness.
The Two of Wands proves that you still have plenty of good choices and options ahead of you and that is where you should put your focus: making good choices. See your days as a series of crossroads, for you to navigate. Aim to make the best possible choice at each one, and see how your path starts to lead back up into the light, away from the shadowy caves and glades you’ve been hiding in.
Come back to the light.

Your Crystal Prescription: Peridot

Peridot is a stone of the Sun so I'm prescribing it to you this month to help break some of that bright light through the clouds. Peridot drives away darkness and can help to overcome fear, melancholy and depression helping you to move forward whilst soothing anxieties and relaxing the mind. If you’re looking for a stone to help you shake off negative vibes, Peridot can help you do just that. 


Kerry Ward of TarotBElla

Kerry Ward is a Nottingham based tarot reader and Cosmopolitan magazine's first tarot expert, with over 20 years experience reading tarot and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading with Kerry, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at or follow her at


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