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Your November New Moon Tarotscopes

  Welcome to Sagittarius season! It's my favourite season, not just because it's my birthday soon, but I love the darker evenings and magical energy in the air at this...


Seven of wands tarot card meaning with blue kyanite crystal. warrior woman in a blue dress holding a wand like a sword.

Welcome to Sagittarius season! It's my favourite season, not just because it's my birthday soon, but I love the darker evenings and magical energy in the air at this time of year. Sagittarius time is swirling with positive, optimistic and adventurous energy, and since each New Moon is a time for us to flip the script and make a change, this is the perfect time of year to bring in a new idea or project to life. 

This month, I've chosen Blue Kyanite, which I matched with The Seven of Wands card in The Crystal Magic Tarot Deck. Read your tarotscope below to find out why you need some Blue Kyanite in your life right now, and what advice The Seven of Wands has for you.

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Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. 


Seven of Wands and The Fool

Seven of wands next to the fool, a baby chick, tarot cardsYou are SO very, very ready for a NEW challenge. As shown by the Fool. Newness is very important to you, Fire signs, as you burn so hot and intensely. You get through ~stuff~ faster than most people and need new stimulus to chew on, get excited about, work with, and be inspired by. The Fool asks you to activate a big, shiny new challenge this New Moon. Ideally something others raise an eyebrow at (bonus!) and maybe even disapprove of (yass!). Set yourself a bizarre, stretching, exciting and even slightly ~out there~ goal.

Your crystal prescription: Blue Kyanite & Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine attracts prosperity, enhances creativity and stimulates perception, which is needed if you’re beginning a new project or starting out on a new path. Match this with Blue Kyanite, a stone of communication, honestly and speaking your truth, and together they can help you step forward into your most authentic you, whilst having the added bonus of deflecting any negative vibes that may be directed at you along the way.
Blue Kyanite one-of-a-kind armour launches Wednesday 30th November.


Seven of Wands and Eight of Swords

seven of wand sand eight of swords tarot cards The crystal magic tarotThe Eight of Swords shows you’ve been fighting against yourself, struggling with a self-limiting belief or behaviour that you long to break free from… but it’s hard. The trick is perhaps to replace, vs remove, the habit. Find something powerful, inspiring, fun and joyful to do at the times when the urge to fall into old ways strikes you. Distraction is a great cure for temptation. Eventually, over time, by the next New Moon, you will have loosened the bonds and you’ll wonder WHY you ever fell prey to this… Escape is possible.

Your crystal prescription: Blue Kyanite & Sunstone

Sunstone is also a great crystal for manifesting and bringing optimism to your mood. If you are plagued with self-doubt or feel like shying away from the world, use a Sunstone to conjure self-belief and make you feel braver. Blue Kyanite can help you find your voice and speak your truth honestly and openly without fear whilst dispelling confusion and frustration from all sides, even if that confusion is coming from within. These two stones together have the effect of protecting and strengthening and helping you see the bright shiny future ahead. 

Blue Kyanite one-of-a-kind armour launches Wednesday 30th November.


Seven of Wands and The Wheel of Fortune

Seven of wands and Wheel of fortune tarot cardsLook at what you’re fighting over, for and about… is this investment of your precious energy truly, honestly worth it? The Wheel of Fortune hints things are going to change this New Moon, so are you, and your priorities will shift with it all. Let this happen. Don’t hang on to old battles for the sake of it. Release the feuds, heal the wounds, step back from the fire. Go take this energy and put it elsewhere, into something worth battling for. What you thought was important will possibly prove itself NOT to be. Don’t fight this change of heart.

Your crystal prescription: Blue Kyanite & Serpentine

Serpentine can release the fear of change and help us to take responsibility for ourselves and our purpose. Pair this with Blue Kyanite, a very useful crystal to have in an argument because it deflects negative energy away and helps you to communicate, and you have a solid crystal armour that will help you to change up the pattern of something you've been fighting about. 

Blue Kyanite one-of-a-kind armour launches Wednesday 30th November.


Seven of Wands and Page of Cups

seven of wands meaning page of cups tarot cards side by sideHoney attracts more flies than vinegar. Remember that your greatest strength is your charm, warmth, authentic caring nature. In battle, there is more than one way to fight. And your best way, right now, is to kill them with kindness! The Page of Cups urges you not to sacrifice your innocence, goodness, wholesome and wonderful outlook in order to thwart a foe or rival. Don’t sink to their level. Rise above, take the high road, set an example that will literally SHAME them into submission. You get to be the ~good guy~ AND to win the prize. They get to fee bad about ever trying to scupper or hurt you. Win:win.
So, play nice, be fair, be kind and true… and you will overcome this squall.

Your crystal prescription: Blue Kyanite & Vera Cruz Amethyst

Vera Cruz Amethyst has an especially high vibration that’s perfect for manifesting and making wishes come true as it can open your eyes, and heart, to the endless possibilities that the universe has to offer, which you may need help with if you're finding it hard to remain kind and jovial whilst in someone else's line of fire. Pair this kind, loving stone with Blue Kyanite, which deflects negative energy away and helps you to communicate, and you'll send bad vibes back to the person they're coming from, whilst feeling positive and uplifted yourself.

Blue Kyanite one-of-a-kind armour launches Wednesday 30th November.


Kerry Ward is a Nottingham based tarot reader, and Cosmopolitan magazine’s FIRST tarot expert, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world. You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at or follow her at @mytarotbella.


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