Cruel Intentions Dagger necklace by Bonearrow
Gothic Sterling Silver Jewellery Necklace Dagger
Witch necklace in sterling silver secret compartment
Sterling Silver Gothic Dagger Necklace with secret compartment
secret compartment pill box dagger necklace
cruel intentions necklace jewellery amulet

The Spell Dagger

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I made the first Spell Dagger a year ago when my rabbit, Vincent, died and I wanted to make a memento mori in his honour. I use my spell dagger as an athame, using it to carve into candles. The secret compartment part is perfect for putting herbs in, and as the crystal on the top is changeable, can be changed according to the spell, or energy, you are manifesting. I keep a little piece of Vincent's fur in mine to carry with me always.

The Spell Dagger hangs on a 22-inch chain and features a little cast beetle on the hilt. For me, beetles are a symbol of perseverance and strength. If you’ve ever seen one roll a dung ball 10x the size of itself up a hill, only to watch it roll back down again and then begin the cycle again, you’ll probably admire it’s determination too. In Ancient Egypt, scarab beetles were a symbol of transformation and protection. Egyptians believed that the Sun God, Ra, rolled the sun across the sky every day and then into the underworld at sunset, only to renew it, again, at dawn the next day. So, the Scarab Beetle, completing its daily task, just like Ra, was held sacred and worn as a talisman of good luck and protection against evil. As Above, so below.

Choose a top in either Garnet, Onyx or Amethyst. 

As this item is made to order in my Nottingham workshop, please expect 3-4 weeks for this order to be made and shipped.  If you'd like your item sooner please email me at and I'll let you know if it will be possible.

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