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The most famous 'Baneful Herb' of all, the Queen of poisonous plants - Belladonna aka Deadly Nightshade. 

Belladonna has long been associated with witchcraft and so has got a bit of a bad rep, but she's not all bad! Yes, Belladonna is toxic and sometimes even lethal with the right, I mean, wrong dose, but it is also used in modern medicine to this day. When an optometrist dilates your pupils, it may well be a derivative of Belladonna in the eyedrops they use. In fact, that’s how Belladonna got it’s name! Italian ladies used to squeeze the juice of Belladonna berries into their eyes to make their pupils larger because it made them look prettier! And ‘beautiful lady’ in Italian is, of course bella donna. 

This sterling sliver Belladonna stacker will take 2 weeks to make from placing your order to shipping out. If you're not sure of your ring size you can order one of our handy little ring sizers here, or check our conversion size chart