Little Apple of Death Pendant

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The cutest, deadliest fruit in the world! They might look sweet but one bite of these little apples could kill you.

The Manchineel tree, which grows in northern South America is the worlds most dangerous tree. The milky sap produced by this tree is so toxic that even sheltering beneath it in a rain storm can cause an extreme rash! And you definitely don’t want to eat the fruit form this tree - it's so toxic that just one bite will cause severe swelling to your throat as well as blistering and burns to your digestive tract!

This little apple might look cute but it's deadly! A solid sterling silver skull hanging on a 16" curb chain. 

This pendant will take 3-4 weeks to make from placing your order to shipping out. If you're not sure of your ring size you can order one of our handy little ring sizers here, or check our conversion size chart